General Links


  • Anime News Network: Excellent starting point for anime, (Asian) animated films and manga. Everything from cinema/DVD release dates, to reviews and trailers, with local sites for Australia, the UK and the US available.
  • Asian Media Wiki: Resource on Asian films and dramas, including details on Weekly Box Office numbers and release dates (for country of origin).
  • Austrian Cultural Forum London: Hosts a free film screening usually once a month. Free classical concerts too.
  • A Year of Reading the World: Ann Morgan’s fabulous world literature project. Fantastic place to expand your what-to-read list.
  • Blue Sweater Story: A blog on anime (both series and films), but taking a statistical approach. No reviews, no news, but plenty of interesting data to peruse!
  • todo sobre el cine asiático – estrenos, box office, reseñas, festivales y más (en español).
  • Classic Cinema Club Ealing: Screens classic films at the Ealing town hall (London).
  • Dramabeans: All about Korean dramas (including reviews and recaps). This is K-drama Central – no need for any other website!
  • Dinner and a Movie: Wonderful feature on the From Me to You Photography blog. A recipe to match a film for those Friday nights in.
  • Film Dates UK: UK release dates for films. Allows you to set up an email reminder for films not yet released.
  • Film London: Everything film-related in London – festivals & events, guidelines for filming, funding and other resources, British Film Commission, film tourism…
  • Film on Paper: A fascinating “archive of original film posters”.
  • Hancinema: Database for Korean films and dramas. An alternative to IMDb, which doesn’t provide film titles in non-Latin script and has many gaps for foreign films in any case.
  • Hanguk Yeonghwa: as the name, 한국 영화, says – Korean film. Plenty of reviews.
  • Init_Scenes: refresh_daemon’s film blog, with lots of Korean cinema reviews. Also check out Init_Music, to find out more on Korean Indie music.
  • Irish Cultural Centre Film Club: Irish Cinema every Wednesday night in Hammersmith, London. Tickets at £5.
  • It’s Drama Time: Für die deutschsprachigen Fans von asiatischen Dramas.
  • Japan-UK Events Calendar (Film): From the Japanese embassy, details on screenings of Japanese films (including their ‘Film at the Japanese Embassy’ events) and Japanese film festivals. Event calendars for art, theatre, music, sport and more are also provided.
  • JFDB (Japan Film Database): managed in cooperation with the Japan Foundation and UNIJAPAN.
  • Koala’s Playground: I dig good writers, which is why I dig Koala muse, rant and spazz about dramas (Korean and Taiwanese/Chinese mainly).
  • Kobiz (Korean Film Biz Zone): Official website of KOFIC (Korean Film Council) – all about Korean films, film festivals, shooting a film in Korea, etc.
  • Korean Cinema Blogathon 2012: More than 100 (maybe even 150?) posts on Korean cinema.
  • Korean Cultural Centre London: Screenings of Korean films (large screen) at the weekly “Korean Film Night” event. Most are free. Daily screenings of Korean films in their library as well. Although the library is reference-only, you can also borrow DVDs to watch onsite.
  • KOFA: Website of the Korean Film Archive, an archival institute for film in Seoul.
  • Korean Film Archive on YouTube: Classic Korean films (1940s-1990s) in a partnership with KOFA and YouTube.
  • A great resource for anyone interested in Korean cinema. A lot of material from 2004-2006 especially.
  • Korean Modern Literature in Translation: A good place to start if you want learn about Korean literature.
  • The Official Website of the Republic of Korea. A wealth of information there, whether you are looking for your local Korean Cultural Centre or Korean animation and comics.
  • Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium: UK’s first cat café (and Europe’s second, after Café Neko in Vienna, Austria), due to open in 2013.
  • London Korean Film Festival: Official website of the London Korean Film Festival (takes place in November).
  • Lost in Anime: As the title says, it’s a blog all about anime. (Shortish) recaps and thoughtful, well-written takes from someone who knows his stuff.
  • Midnight Eye: Stylish website on Japanese cinema: interviews, reviews, features and more. Some great “Best of (Year)” film lists.
  • Modern Korean Cinema Blogspot: Trailers, posters, cinema news, box office, reviews. Very focused and thorough.
  • Mookie: More for the drama addicts. Mookie ranting, spazzing, oohing and aahing, which she does oh so well.
  • New Korean Cinema: another site dedicated to Korean cinema, “all of those fine films…and some of the bad ones too”.
  • Nipponcinema: a database for Japanese films and dramas, some other information as well. Similar to Hancinema, but not quite as complete as the Korean site.
  • Omohide: Theowne’s personal blog, featuring well-written anime (film and series) reviews. Often comments on music scores, something most reviewers ignore.
  • The Hobbit Blog: Official blog for Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit.
  • TheOneRing.Net: The Hobbit: From probably one of the largest J.R.R. Tolkien sites on the web, updates on the making of Peter Jackson’s two The Hobbit films.
  • The Language Exchange: Monthly event in London for Japanese and English speakers. Free for Japan Society members.
  • This Japanese Life (生命を外面九天です): Occasionally one stumbles across an amazingly insightful blog. This is one. Superbly written by an USAmerican expat in Japan.
  • United World Colleges: 13 schools on 5 continents. 200 students from 80+ countries. Do you know a world-hungry 15- or 16-year old? Share this link with them. Or talk to me – I’m an alumni.
  • Where Is Home The Film – A documentary (currently in post-production) on the experience of being a Third Culture Kid – just a project I’m supporting.

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