KCCUK: Year of 12 Directors (2012)

Note: Originally published (in slightly longer) form as a post. For sake of convenience, I have created this page, which I will remove at the end of the year.

The full 2012 programme for the Korean Film Nights at the KCCUK is below.

Note: All screenings except the final one each month take place at the KCCUK. Entry is free, but tickets must be reserved in advance. The fourth and final screening – which in cludes a Q&A with the film director – will take place at the Apollo Cinema (Piccadilly Circus). Tickets must be purchased via the cinema (£10 or £8 for students/concessions).

January: Lee Myung-se (이명세)

5th: 인정사정 볼 것 없다 (Nowhere To Hide, 1999)
12th: 엠 (Em/M, 2007)
19th: 개그맨 (Gagman/Gagman, 1989)
26th: 형사 (Hyeongsa/Duelist, 2005) + Q&A with director Lee Myung-se – REVIEW

February: E J-yong (이재용)

2nd: 정사 (Jeong Sa/An Affair, 1998)
9th: 다세포 소녀 (Dasepo Sonyeo/Dasepo Naughty Girls, 2006) – REVIEW
16th: 스캔들 – 조선 남녀 상열지사 (Seukandeul – Joseon namnyeo sang’yeoljisa/Untold Scandal, 2003)
23rd: 여배우들 (Yeobaewoodeul/Actresses, 2009) + Q&A with director – REVIEW

March: Park Kwang-su (박광수)

8th: 칠수와 만수 (Chilsuwa Mansu/Chilsu and Mansu, 1988)
15th: 이재수의 난 (Yi Chaesu ui nan/The Uprising, 1999)
22nd: 아름다운 청년 전태일 (Areumdaun cheongnyeon Jeon Tae-il/A Single Spark, 1995)
29th: 눈부신 날에 (Nunbushin Nal-ae/ Meet Mr. Daddy aka Shiny Day, 2006) + Q&A with director

April: Song Il-gon (송일곤)

5th: 꽃섬 (Ggot seom/Flower Island, 2001) – REVIEW
12th: 깃 (Git/Feathers in the Wind, 2005) – REVIEW
19th: 시간의 춤 (Siganeui Choom/Dance of Time, 2009) – REVIEW
26th: 오직 그대만 (Ohjik Geudaeman/Always aka Only You, 2011) + Q&A with director

May: Jeon Kye-soo (전계수)

10th: 삼거리 극장 (Samgeori Geukjang/Midnight Ballad for Ghost Theater, 2006)
17th: A Perfect Day* and 시선 1318 (Siseon 1318/If You Were Me, 2008)
24th: 뭘 또 그렇게까지 (Wol Ddo Geureonggeggaji/Lost and Found, 2010)
31st: 러브픽션 (Leobeupiksyeon/Love Fiction, 2011) + Q&A with director

*could not find further info on this.

June: Lee Jun-ik (이준익)

7th: 왕의 남자 (Wangeui Namja/The King and the Clown, 2005) – REVIEW
14th: 즐거운 인생 (Jeulgeowoon Insaeng/The Happy Life, 2007)
21st: 님은 먼곳에 (Nimeun Meongote/Sunny, 2008)*
28th: 평양성 (Pyeongyangseong/Battlefield Heroes, 2010) + Q&A with director

*not to be confused with 써니 (Sseoni/Sunny, 2011)

July: Lee Hyun-seung (이현승)

5th: 시월애 (Siwolae/Il Mare, 2000)
12th: 네온속으로 노을지다 (Sunset into Neon Lights, 1994)
19th:그대안의 블루 (Geudaeanui Beulru/The Blue in You, 1992) – REVIEW
26th: 푸른 소금 (Poo-reun-so-geum/Hindsight, 2010) + Q&A with director

August: Lee Yoon-ki (이윤기)

9th: 여자, 정혜 (Yeoja, Jeonghye/This Charming Girl, 2004) – REVIEW
16th: 러브토크 (Leobeutokeu/Love Talk, 2005)
23rd: 멋진 하루 (Meotjin Haroo/My Dear Enemy, 2008)
30th: 사랑한다, 사랑하지 않는다 (Saranghanda, Saranghaji Anhneunda/Come Rain Come Shine, 2011) + Q&A with director – REVIEW

September: Jeon Kyu-hwan (전규환)

6th: 모차르트 타운 (Mochareuteu Tawoon/Mozart Town, 2008)
13th: 애니멀 타운 (Aenimeol Tawoon/Animal Town, 2009)
20th: 댄스 타운 (Daenseu Tawoon/Dance Town, 2010)
27th:  바라나시 (Varanasi aka From Seoul to Varanasi, 2011) + Q&A with director – REVIEW

October: Im Kwon-taek (임권택)

Im Kwon-taek retrospective with 15 films. Screenings take place at the BFI and the ICA Details here.

November: Song Hae-seong (송해성)

Nov 1-16: London Korean Film Festival. Details here. (Strictly speaking this is of course separate from the Year of 12 Directors.)

8th: 역도산 (Rikidozan: A Hero Extraordinary, 2004)
15th: 우리들의 행복한 시간 (Woorideuleui Haengbokhan Sigan/Maundy Thursday aka Our Happy Time, 2006)
22nd: 파이란 (Pailan/Failan, 2001)
29th: 무적자 (Moojeokja/A Better Tomorrow, 2010) – REVIEW

December: Lim Soon-rye (임순례)

6th: 와이키키 브라더스 (Waikiki Brothers, 2001) – REVIEW
13th: 우리 생애 최고의 순간 (Woori Saengae Choigoeui Soongan/Forever the Moment, 2007)
20th: 소와 함께 여행하는 법 (Sowa Hamgge Yehaenghaneun Beom/Rolling Home with a Bull, 2010) + Q&A with director
27th: 날아라 펭귄 (Nalara Penggwin/Fly, Penguin, 2009)

Final note: Film synopses, posters and trailer links will be added at the beginning of each month on Otherwhere. These posts will be linked here – just click on the respective director’s name.

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