Reviews Coming Soon

Reviews Coming Soon (= I have watched these or a scheduled date to watch them)

Note: Films in coloured script have preference (usually that means I’m trying to review them in time for a specific festival or cinematic release).

  • 星空 (Starry Starry Night, 2011) – Taiwanese film
  • 오직 그대만 (Ohjik Geudaeman/Always aka Only You, 2011)
  • Die Wand (The Wall, Austria, 2012)
  • Consuming Spirits (USA, 2011)
  • 「佐渡テンペスト」  (Sado Tempest/ArashiJapan/UK/Hong Kong)
  • 「あかい きせつ」 (Akai Kisetsu/A Road Stained Crimson, Japan, 2012)
  • 「おおかみこどもの雨と雪」 (Okami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki/Wolf Children, Japan, 2012), 물고기 (Mulgogi/A Fish, South Korea, 2011), 화차 (Hwacha/Helpless, South Korea, 2012), 로맨스 조 (Romaenseu Jo/Romance Joe, South Korea, 2012) and De jueves a domingo (Thursday Till Sunday, Chile, 2012).
  • 《南方小羊牧場》 (Nánfāng xiǎo yáng mùchǎng/When a Wolf Falls in Love with a Sheep, Taiwan, 2012)
  • 「長州ファイブ」 (Chōshū faibu/Chosyu Five, Japan, 2006)

Planned reviews (= I am planning to watch or rewatch these to review them… at some point, no date set yet):

  • All Studio Ghibli, Shinkai Makoto, Hosoda Mamoru and Kon Satoshi animated films.
  • Any Korean animated films I can get my hands on.
  • 金魚倶楽部 (Kingyo Kurabi/Kingyo Club – Japanese dorama)
  • ソラニン (Soranin/Solanin – Japanese film)
  • 우리들의 행복한 시간 (Woorideul-eui Haengbokhan Sigan/Our Happy Time – Korean film)
  • 시월애 (Si-wol-ae/Il Mare – Korean film)
  • Kim Ki-duk’s 비몽 (Bimong/Dream).
  • Various films with Okada Masaki, including 告白 (Kokuhaku/Confessions); アイシテル~海容~ (Aishiteru~Kaiyo~/I Love You~Forgiveness~) plus Special; 重力ピエロ (Jyuryoku Pierrot/Gravity’s Clowns – A Pierrot), ハルフウェイ(Harufuwei/Halfway – Japanese film).
  • 九降风 (Winds of September) – Taiwanese film.
  •  가족의 탄생 (Gajokeui tansaeng/The Crucible) – Korean Film
  • きみにしか聞こえない (Kimi ni Shika Kikoenai/Calling You) – Japanese film
  • 歩いても 歩いても (Aruitemo aruitemo/Still Walking) – Japanese film (I plan on watching all of Koreeda’s films)
  • 暗いところで待ち合わせ (Kurai Tokoro de Machiawase/Waiting in the Dark) – Japanese film
  • and many more……

The Trailer Weekly posts contain films I hope to see at some point and I intend to review them all.

Suggestions are welcome as are requests if you would like a particular review sooner rather than later – but no guarantees unfortunately.

5 thoughts on “Reviews Coming Soon”

  1. We love this blog. It’s wonderful. So well-researched, so passionate. We look forward to seeing your thoughts on “A Fish”, which we didn’t get, “Helpless”, which we had tickets for but didn’t make it, “Still Walking”, which we love and “Uncle Boonmee”, which is one of our favourites. All the best to you.

    • Thanks… *blushes*

      I will certainly be writing those reviews – A Fish I do have a sense of, but a second viewing I think would be preferable (just not sure how I’ll get hold of it!), Helpless I’ve got in the works. Still have to watch Still Walking and Uncle Boonmee, they are part of my huge pile of unwatched DVDs!

      • We’re keen to get some help with our understanding of “A Fish”, our review betrays the fact that we found its obscurity exhausting. All the best.

      • I had a look at your review, it looks like you were thoroughly frustrated with the film! I’m not sure when I’m going to get round to reviewing it (because I do want to rewatch it first), but I think what is key to realise is that some things in the film aren’t real, but operate, I think, purely on a metaphorical level (the two fishermen). There is also quite some symbolism, I haven’t figured it all out but one thing to know is that white is the colour of mourning in some Asian cultures, which does help with understanding (eventually) who is dead, and who is alive.

  2. Thanks. It was as if we’d seen one of those “psychedelic” experiments from the seventies. Look forward to hearing how you made sense of it and, also, how the overall experience felt.

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