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11 thoughts on “Film Reviews”

  1. jmato012 said:

    This is a very interesting blog, but I feel you still have a lot of work to do. Have you seen any Park Chan wook movies, like Oldboy

    • Thanks for liking my blog!

      I can tell you I have got a review backlog of probably 20-30 films (which I have seen but not had time to write about). And a pile of 30+ DVDs on my shelves that I haven’t seen – plus a lot of other films that I would like to see. So, yeah, lots of work to do! Neverending really…

      I haven’t yet seen any Park Chan-wook movies, not even Oldboy. I’m more interested his 싸이보그지만 괜찮아 (I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK), but if I did watch Oldboy, I’m not sure if I would review it. I generally give preference to films that are under the radar rather than write about those that have been reviewed a gazillion times already.

      • jmato012 said:

        I see, Im a cyborg but thats okay is an interesting movie, not as good as Oldboy, but still very unique..

      • I liked all of Park Chan Wook’s movies, with the exception of I’m a Cyborg (watched that only because I was curious about Rain’s performance in it). The movie Thirst was very interesting.

      • I still haven’t any of them… I guess I’m a Cyborg is a different kind of genre compared to Park’s other films – so it may just be you prefer the gory thrillers over the quirky.

      • You’re right. I like the dark ones, like Kim Ki Duk’s movies. You have a great blog here, really glad to have found it. 🙂

      • I’m scared to try Kim Ki-duk’s super dark ones. I do love 3-Iron, which is absolutely perfect in my book, but I’m not sure I could ever stomach the one with the fishhook.

        Thanks for the compliment, hope you find lots of stuff that interests you here!

  2. emilyrliu93 said:

    Hey! Just found your blog when I saw your comments on Hanguk YeongHwa haha! What you’re doing is wonderful! I was wondering, have you seen Bleak Night? It’s probably the best kfilm I’ve seen, heartbreaking.

    • Thanks! 🙂 Glad you found your way here from Hanguk YeongHwa (who’s got a lovely blog as well).

      I haven’t seen Bleak Night actually, but only for lack of time, because I’m very sure I’ll like it a lot. I’ll be sure to review it once I get round to watching it!

      • emilyrliu93 said:

        Ok, I’ll definitely look forward to that! 🙂 Not sure if you’ve seen these, but I also love Castaway on the Moon, and Secret Sunshine!
        I know this is random, where do you usually find your films?

      • No, I haven’t seen those either (but they are both on my endlessly long to-watch list).

        I watch most films at festivals – I live in London, so there are film events just about every week (including free screenings at the Korean Cultural Centre & the Japanese Embassy). The Korean Cultural Centre also has a DVD library. Quite some pre-1990s Korean films are available for free via the YouTube channel of the Korean Film Archive. I also have some industry connections through blogging and festival volunteering, so sometimes I get film screeners from festival organisers or Asian film distributors. I borrow DVDs from fellow Asian film bloggers (our little mini London Asian Film Society – see and some DVDs I buy myself (Amazon,, If I can’t get hold of a film in any of the above ways, I’ll cave to watching it online – I prefer not to, but…

        That said, I’m very lucky with living in London because there’s a good chance that something will at least get a one-time festival screening here (like Werewolf Boy, which is showing at Terracotta next month!).

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