RAQs (Randomly Asked Questions)

Five questions from the lovely Jackowengyll (fabulous cast member of the Whole Hog Theatre’s Princess Mononoke).

1. Are you happy?

I’ll be happy when corner shops in my neighbourhood start selling tofu. I’ll be in utter bliss when I live someplace where fresh tofu vendors make their daily rounds.

Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 11.50.46 AM

2. Does your blog help you fulfill your creative needs?

Quite the contrary, I’ve become an increasingly passive consumer of the creative arts, though not a couch potato as I fortunately always cycle to the screenings of films that I review.

3. Do you write for you readers or for yourself?

I wouldn’t make my writing public if I didn’t want someone else to read it. That said, I’ll selfishly do things my way, whether the way I give titles or which films I choose to review (though you might be able to bribe me with chocolate and/or invites to a film premiere).

4. What is your favorite city in the world?

I don’t do favourite (or favorite). I don’t even do “10 Best of” lists because I’m this indecisive creature that can never like one thing the most. I mean, what are you even asking? My favourite city to live in? to visit? to watch movies? to eat delicious food? to make friends? Even if you narrow it down, I’m not going to be able to give you a straight answer, because, you see, I like different cities for different reasons at different times. Plus there are also many cities I haven’t yet been but I’ll surely love… so how can I answer?

All I can tell you is that I never run out of things to do (and especially films to watch) in the beating pulse of life that is London, but that whenever I escape to Edinburgh I’m so instantly charmed by the accents and warmth of people that makes me question why the hell I’m studying in the British capital, that everyone may talk badly of Birmingham but that to me it means a house of Greek people that swaddle me with lots of love (and stuff me with delicious food), that New York is super cool in every aspect and definitely a place to return to, that whether spring, summer, autumn, or winter, I’ll always happily visit the Middelheim museum in Antwerp, Belgium, that I loved living a 2-minute walk from the beach in Donostia, San Sebastián, Basque Country, that my culinary life would be much sadder had I not discovered yucca con mojo in a Cuban restaurant in Sevilla, Spain, that I’m both proud and very defensive about having had 100 metros del norte de la iglesia de Santiago de San Rafael de Heredia (100 metres to the north of the church of Santiago of San Rafael of Heredia, Costa Rica) as one of my addresses and happily remember morning runs among coffee fields and musing about overripe mangoes smashed on the sidewalks and infusing the air with a rotting sweetness, that the thought of tropical move-and-you’ll-melt heat in Delhi, India, and Bangkok, Thailand, relieved only by the magic of monsoon rains, never fails to fill me with longing, that it’s so comforting that I can always find real bread (100% rye, moist sourdough) in Graz, Austria, whenever I return, that eighteen months in Taipei, Taiwan, are a fond memory even if I can’t tell you a thing about the actual city because childhood is lived in microscopic realms (I do know the best place for fried dumplings and scallion pancakes in the neighbourhood of Tianmu, Shilin, though), that the old man who hand-drew us a map to a bookstore taught me a lot about the immense kindness of people in places like San Salvador, El Salvador, usually known only for the brutality of recent civil wars or current day poverty…. need I go on?

5. Do you think that internet distribution of art (blogging, myspace, etc) and the fact that it is easier than ever for people to get their work seen by others, could eventually do away with the idea of commercial success for the arts (that’s nothing to do with artistic or creative success, just numbers on an atm)? Do you think that’s a good or bad thing?

I feel like I’ve been asked a question on an exam, so I’ll be short: No. Neither.

Heisui from My Drama Tea had lots of questions, here are answers to a few of them:

What are your top two bromances?

Definitely Nam-soon and Heung-soo from 학교 2013 (Hakkyo 2013/School 2013). Have to think about the other one.

What country are you from or what country are you living in currently?

I’m a Third-Culture Kid with a European ‘passport country’ and currently living in London, UK.

Himono-onna or suteki-joshi?

More of a himono-onna, though I’m not sure that fits exactly. I like to diversify styles, and even when I do dress up, I will then unfashionably throw on some cycling gear (my florescent waterproof backpack cover – even on dry days) and tie up any long dress I’m wearing so it won’t get caught in the wheels. I’m kind of infamous for always carrying at least three bags (backpack, small bag, camera).

What is another one of your guilty pleasures?

Chocolate. 🙂

Jed of Psycho-drama asked a few things too:

Do you think revealing your true identity (name, profession, age, religion, etc) matter to your viewers? 

If you read between the lines of my posts, you should be able to guess some of these. I won’t reveal my real name online, though if we meet in the non-virtual world, I will and have.

What’s the most interesting project you plan to launch for your blog?

There is still that plan for a Dinner & a Movie series (review plus recipe inspired by the film)…

Favorite movie, drama and/or anime of all time?

I really don’t do favourites. Not even top 10 lists. I’m indecisive, I love lots of things for different reasons.

Do you think it’s advisable to argue/debate with your readers? Should there be limits to what your readers have to say about your blog and your opinions/reviews?

I don’t believe in censorship, except if someone starts posting homophobic/racist comments (or something along those lines). Otherwise, everyone is pretty free to say what they want on my blog and I’ll engage in a debate as much as I have time/energy. I will however take down any spam and links for downloading.

7 thoughts on “RAQs (Randomly Asked Questions)”

  1. ..I never knew there were waterproof backpack covers. O_O I think I should get one!

    • They keep your peace of mind (*says this after having learnt the hard way*).

      Here in London it’s how you know who’s a cyclist, and who not, even if they not on their bike!

  2. Looking forward to the Dinner + Movies post. I’m pretty sure you have some amazing recommendations. 🙂

  3. I saw “When Marnie Was There, on DVD (Netflix) and was very moved by it. I read all your lead-up posts to it but didn’t notice a review of the actual Studio Ghibli film. Was there a reason for that, or did I miss your post on it?

    • I still haven’t seen it! I’m currently on blogging hiatus – need to finish uni – but I’ll put it on top of my list of films to watch & review when I revive the blog in a few months.

      • All power to you! Good luck with your courses. You will love it when you see it. A masterpiece! Consider it a reward for studying so hard.

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