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  1. HEYYYY I started watching Hard Nut. This drama makes me crack up at such unexpected times HAHAHA. I just watched ep4 and totally cracked up when Nanba is all “I HAVEN’T MET MY ROMEO!” *Tomoda appears IN THE TREE* AHAHAHA

    • I adore Nanba. She makes me crack up all the time. Tomoda’s meant for her, though I doubt the drama makers are going to gives us something definite in the end… more likely it will be some sort of tease (possibly because Hashimoto is 17… but then again, so was Honoka Miki!)

      • I thought it was more of a one-sided thing with Nanba crushing on Tomoda? At this point I think they are better off just being friends….after all there are only a couple episodes left.

      • He does get a wee bit jealous in episode 6. I totally ship them, but yeah, I don’t think they are going to give us a couple straight out… He just kind of ends up doing what Nanba wishes her Romeo would do, except of course it’s not presented as him doing it because he likes her. But you know, even with her love letter (not sure which episode), he sort of claims it for himself by saying ‘you shouldn’t give such a thing to anyone’.

        If we had another 10, 15 episodes, maybe we’d get a couple…

      • Oh I thought he said not to give it to anyone because (not to be harsh on Nanba but.. >_< ) her love letter was long-winded and awkward. O_O


  3. Hi Alua! How are you? I was wondering if you are watching any new dramas this season? I wanted to suggest The Long Goodbye to you hehe.

    • Hi Heisui! I’m taking forever to respond here X_X. Just too busy! (As you can see from my lack of posting / commenting.)

      Watched the first episode of The Long Goodbye thanks to your recommendation – very nice atmosphere. Love these dramas that are just a bit different. Haven’t yet found time to get back to it, but I definitely will.

      Not watching much at the moment, and everything kind of irregularly. Witch’s Romance (K, pretty average, just hanging on for the male lead), mostly reading recaps for Dr. Stranger (K, though I might go back to watching it at some point), First Class (nothing to write home about, but w/ 30 min episodes it’s an easy, quick watch). Also watched some episodes of Alice’s Thorn (actually quite good) and Borders, but need to go back to those… I’m just not completely invested in anything at the moment! Very much anticipating Gunman in Joseon (K), Henshin (Kamiki!) and Young People (great cast) though.

  4. Just thought you’d like to know that Kamiki Ryunosuke is starring in a summer jdrama, Henshin.

  5. Hi, I saw the following photo you made on tumblr: http://am-otherwhere.tumblr.com/post/112993109640/kein-mensch-ist-illegal-no-human-being-is
    Since we’re planing a charity event for refugees in Frankfurt/Germany I wanted to ask if it’s possible to use this photo in publicity for free – it would be perfekt for our event poster.

    All the best for you! You’re a great artist!

    • Hi Lena, I sent you a message via tumblr? Let me know if you received it?

      • Hi Aluna – unfornunately I haven’t received a message there. Would it be possible to write me an email?

        I’m looking forward to hear from you. 🙂

      • I’ve sent you an email. I removed your email address from your comment, so you don’t end up with tons of spam…

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