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miss hokusai 78

There is a new trailer for Hara Keiichi’s animated film「百日紅」(Sarusuberi/Miss Hokusai, Japan, 2015), which comes with English subtitles. Although I’m still hearing Anne’s Yoriko, I actually like this trailer a little better than the previous one, but it’s still Hosoda Mamoru’s「バケモノの子」(Bakemono no Ko/The Boy and the Beast, Japan, 2015) that I am most excited about.

In Japan, the film is gearing up for its nationwide release in cinemas on May 9th – meaning, we should soon have some first reviews. A few weeks after, Sarusuberi will screen in competition at Annecy, the world’s largest (and oldest) film festival for animated films, which runs from 15-20 June, 2015 in Annecy, France. Cinematic releases in France (via EUROZOOM) in early September and the UK (via Anime Limited) in October/November 2015 are to follow. If only all Japanese animated films would make it overseas so quickly!

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