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StudioCanal UK, the official distributor of Studio Ghibli’s「かぐや姫の物語」(Kaguya Hime no Monogatari/The Tale of Princess Kaguya) in this corner of the world, has finally announced the film’s official release date:

Thrilled THE TALE OF PRINCESS KAGUYA made it on the #OscarNoms list for Animated Feature! In UK cinemas March 20. (via Twitter)

I actually read the news first on Anime News Network, and am kind of chuffed that I unknowingly chose the same picture for the header of this post as StudioCanal UK did for their tweet. I guess they were cheering the Oscar nomination of Kaguya Hime, while I was thinking “Ahh! Smily Kaguya perfectly expresses how we all feel now that we have, at last, got a release date“.

Anyhow… the release is actually post-Oscars (which take place on February 22), so if Kaguya Hime wins that might bring significantly more viewers into cinemas. If it doesn’t, well, the nomination itself means at least a wee bit more publicity.

I am hoping StudioCanal UK will have some preview screenings and that I will be able to snag a ticket for one of those (which might not be an easy feat, now with the nomination) to review the film in advance of its UK premiere. I actually could have watched it over the winter holidays already as it was out in cinemas in Austria (where I happened to be) in December, but the only subtitled screening was so late at night that I eventually opted to wait for the UK release. Boohoo for Austria being a dubbing country (or rather, we’ll-just-get-the-dub-from-Germany-country).

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