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A new Korean animation debut is coming our way: 생각보다 맑은 (Saenggagboda Malgeun/Clearer Than You Think), directed by Han Ji-won (한지원), is due to for release in South Korea on January 22, 2015.

It’s the first I have heard about this project (I was alerted to it thanks to a FB post from Jin Sung-choi, the director of the much anticipated 맞춤희곡/Majchumhuigog/A Customized Play). Beyond a short synopsis, not all too much information is available: Doo-sik is a final-year student at university. He has a crush on someone, hoping for love and for doing something he enjoys in the future. His family and friends think he should just focus on getting a job. This, however, is not the only storyline in Saenggagboda Malgeun, as there is also a poodle, Maro, in search of his owner, a secret office couple that has the female half worried as she really wants to hear her husband-to-be say “I love you”, and Ye-mi, who doesn’t want to quit playing music even after a founding member of her band quits. I have no idea how all these storylines will tie together in the 77 minute long piece, but in any case, here is a first trailer:

Hancinema also has further visual materials for the animation, including a music video and a few screen shots. The link for the music video:


As for the director, Han Ji-won (b. 1983), he seems to have a few acting, directing, scriptwriting credits to his name, including for 천사의 숨소리 (Cheon-sa-eui Soom-so-ri/Angel’s Breath, 2011)Saenggagboda Malgeun appears to be his first foray into a feature-length animation, although this link suggests that at least the poodle’s story already existed as a short – so maybe this project is really an omnibus of several tales? We’ll have to wait and see.

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