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Studio Ghibli’s TV collaboration with Polygon Pictures is set to premiere in ten days (premiere date on NHK: October 11) and a two-minute preview was released today. Unlike the teaser a while back, it introduces some darker moments although it retains a light feel over all.

I confess I’m still warming up to the 3D CGI animation style, especially because it’s nothing like what we normally get in Studio Ghibli films. Otherwise, the trailer seems to be sticking pretty close to the book from what I can see, although some things – Mattis’s mask, the creatures that creep up to Ronja in the middle of the forest – distinctly remind me of「もののけ姫」(Mononoke Hime/Princess Mononoke). Speaking of Mattis (Ronja’s father) he still looks a little too polished for the rowdy robber he is, though they did get the big-softie-beneath bit right.

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