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It’s July and Studio Ghibli’s「思い出のマーニー」(Omoide no Mani/When Marnie Was There, Japan, 2014) is opening in Japan later this month. A few days ago some more some new images were released, which I held off posting, thinking more would soon follow. Quite right I was – today we have a first trailer for the film:

The trailer comes with Priscilla Ahn’s theme song “Fine on the Outside” – the first Studio Ghibli theme song completely in English.

The trailer has certainly feels like a Studio Ghibli film. Although there are no magical creatures, there is a sense of something otherworldly here whenever Marnie shows up. There is also both a sense of sweet- and sadness. It’s a peaceful place that Anna has ended up in, but the accompanying song and some images make clear there is darker story within – this scene in particular:

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 3.32.15 pm

It’s a flashback to the younger Anna, left behind in some orphanage somewhere, shadows looming. This is, as Ahn’s song narrates, the girl that is alone and prefers to be alone, although the secret behind her pain and forlornness is what is to be revealed.

Curiously enough, there is still no sight of the Lindsay family, leaving me to continue wondering whether they will feature in this adaptation or not. Then again, only Anna and Marnie show up in the trailer, but none of the other characters that have already been confirmed. In other words, the absence of the Lindsay may be meaningless. We’ll see.

And here are the other, recently released Omoide no Mani images:

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