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ghibli expo paris

If there was ever a special reason needed to plan a trip to Paris, here’s one now: Art Ludique – Le Musée is holding an exhibition of 1300 original Studio Ghibli layouts from October 4th 2014 to March 1st 2015.

The curators write:

For the first time in Europe, the general public will be able to admire the drawings from which originated all the studio’s productions that come before what we discover on the big screen, the graphic source material that serves as an essential artistic base for any animated film.

The exhibition will span thirty years of drawings and fingers crossed that it will include something from every Studio Ghibli film. Ticket prices are not too bad either: 15 € for adults, 12 € concessions, 9,5 € for children. Advance, online tickets (‘couple-file’) are 16/13/10.5 € if you want to avoid queues on the day. I would imagine that pre-booking is probably not a bad idea, as some days are bound to be sold out.


It also seems that France isn’t the first stop for the Secrets exhibition, as it toured in Seoul, Korea last summer and is currently in Hong Kong (May 14th – August 31st). Snapshots from those event locations provide some teasers for wall-sized panels:

And, of course, you’ll get to see lots of these:

I haven’t been in Paris in a gazillion years and all my past visits were so short that I barely remember a thing. The good news, in my case, is that its is only a two hour train ride from Londontown, and with a bit of planning and budgeting it should be a very doable trip. Not sure if any of my friends will come along, but then I would rather do something by myself than not do it at all.

Bonus Bits:

And a bonus monster, from Art Ludique‘s Pixar exhibition: