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moss 5

Webtoon to Film: 이끼 (Iggi/Moss).

The KCCUK has released details for films it will be screening over the next two months, both as part of the previously announced Year of Film Professionals as well as for the  Korean Novels on Screen Season.

Year of Film Professionals

Park Hoon Jung

The Year of Film Professionals focuses on various aspects of filmmaking, including screenplay, music, cinematography and production design, by showcasing one practitioner over several weeks. Professional #1 is Park Hoon-jung, with the following filmography (now confirmed):

  • Feb 13: 악마를 보았다 (Angmareul boatda/I Saw the Devil, 2010)
  • Feb 27: 부당거래 (Budanggeorae/The Unjust, 2010)
  • March 13: 혈투 (Hyultoo/The Showdown, 2011)
  • March 27: 신세계 (Sinsegye/New World, 2013) – with Q&A

Korean Novels on Screen

Newly announced is the Korean Novels on Screen season, which seems to be another thematic series, similar to last year’s Women on Screen. The choice is surely not arbitrary but, I think, linked to the Korean market focus at this year’s London Book Fair (April 8-10, 2014). It’s a fantastic theme choice – there are so many fabulous films that could potentially pop up as part of this season. I’m also thrilled that ‘novels’ is being interpreted widely, with a webtoon adaptation (Iggi) being included among the first five screenings.

  • March 4: 삼포가는 길 (Sampoganeun gil/The Road to Sampo, 1975) – Dir. by Lee Man-Hee.
  • March 11: 젊은날의 초상 (Jeolmeun nalui chosang/Portrait of Youth, 1991) – Dir. by Kwak Ji-kyoon.
  • March 18: 주홍 글씨 (Juhong geulshi/The Scarlet Letter, 1994) – Dir. by Byun Hyuk.
  • March 26: 마당을 나온 암탉 (Madangeul Naon Amtak/Leafie, 2011, a Hen into the Wild) – Dir. by Oh Seong-yun.
  • April 14: 이끼 (Iggi/Moss, 2010) – Dir. by Kang Woo-suk.

All screenings are free, but booking is required.

moss 2

Iggi (the webtoon).