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After The Year of 12 Directors (2012) and The Year of 4 Actors (2013) comes The Year of Film Professionals (2014), the KCCUK’s latest season of (free) Korean film screenings.

Announced in late January, the details are still scarce. In the newsletter sent out, the KCCUK describes The Year of Film Professionals as “a new programme of screenings focusing on the Screenplay, Music, Cinematography and Production Design in Korean cinema”, adding that “for each quarter of 2014, each of these aspects of the film process will be showcased with 4-6 films and a culminating Q&A and workshop event with one of Korea’s top industry professionals”.

Park Hoon Jung

Park Hoon-jung, wielding the camera.

What we know for now is that this season kicks off with Park Hoon-jung, a director / screenwriter. The first screening will be 악마를 보았다 (Angmareul boatda/I Saw the Devil, South Korea, 2010) on February 13 (book your free seat here), for which he penned the script. Given that Park Hoon-jung doesn’t have all that many projects to his name, I think we can expect to see all his other films in the first quarter as well:

  • 신세계 (Sinsegye/New World, South Korea, 2013) – director & scriptwriter
  • 혈투 (Hyultoo/The Showdown, South Korea, 2011) – director & scriptwriter
  • 부당거래 (Budanggeorae/The Unjust, South Korea, 2010) – scriptwriter

All of Park Hoon-jung’s film fall into the thriller / action categories, which, I confess, aren’t really my kind of thing – so I will likely give the first quarter of screenings a miss (it clashes with my Japanese class this term in any case). That said, I like the idea of showcasing different aspects of filmmaking and particularly hope that there will be some interesting workshops planned, as these could make this new season quite special.