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kaguya hime 31

Which means one thing: finally a full trailer.

Something tells me Kaguya Hime isn’t going to be like any other Ghibli or animated film we have seen.

Which is kind of thrilling as well as gratifying – that someone can still follow the unique vision they have in mind, so unlike anything else we are used to. It’s the art, it’s the music (this is the most calming trailer ever), and it’s the story – which, I’m sure, will stay true to the ending of the Japanese folktale that Takahata Isao’s film is based on.

The sense I get from this trailer is all the simplest of things, all the purest of feelings – I love it already, and – given how things are (not) going with「風立ちぬ](Kaze Tachinu/The Wind Rises, 2013) – I probably won’t get to see it for another year.

Below, another image and several newly released posters for Kaguya Hime. The film, by the way, is due for release in its native Japan on November 23, 2013 (revealed by the voiceover at the end of the trailer: 今月二十三日!). No word yet on the international premiere.

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