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November 2013 events header

November events… like October, it’s a busy month, full of festivals and other special screenings. I wrote this post somewhat in a rush, so I have the feeling I must have missed some of what is going – let me know if you notice any glaring omissions!

Note: Will do the Events Widgets on the side in the morning, need to go to bed!


East Winds Film Festival, Coventry, UK (October 31-November 3, 2013) hkcnthvn

The East Winds Film Festival is screening films from Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam and Thailand, among other places. Here’s a full post on the event.

「そして父になる」 (Soshite Chichi ni Naru/Like Father, Like Son, Japan, 2013), UK cinemas (various dates throughout November) like father like son 1

Koreeda Hirokazu’s Soshite Chichi ni Naru continues to screen at various UK cinemas in November. It’s got a few more days at the ICA in London (until November 3) and will be at the Derby Quad from November 15-20. Google to find details about other screening locations.

Leeds International Film Festival, Leeds, UK (November 6-22, 2013) cn

There will be a Kobayashi Masiki retrospective, a Fanonemon Anime Day (including Shinkai Makoto’s latest animation) and a handful of other East Asian films at this year’s Leeds International Film Festival.

The ‘other’ films are:

  • 《天注定》 (Tian Zhu Ding/A Touch of Sin, 2013, China)
  • 감시자들 (Gamsijadeul/Cold Eyes, South Korea, 2013)
  • 「ブシドーマン」(Bushidōman/Bushido Man, Japan, 2013)
  • Breathing Earthy: Susumu Shingus Traum (Breathing Earth, Germany/UK and depending where you look, a whole lot of other production countries, 2013)

For the rest, have a look at this post with trailers for all East Asian offerings here.

 Mỹ Nhân Kế (The Lady Assassin, Vietnam 2013), London, UK (various dates in November)

Dir. by Nguyen Quang Dung. Terracotta presents a limited preview of The Lady Assassin, with confirmed screening locations including the Hackney Picturehouse (Nov 1-2), Greenwhich Picturehouse (Nov 8) and the Prince Charles Cinema (Nov 27). More dates are to be announced.

강철중: 공공의 적 1-1 (Kang Cheol-joong: Public Enemy 1-1/Public Enemy Returns, South Korea, 2008), Ha Jung-woo Season, Year of 4 Actors, Korean Film Night, KCCUK, London, UK (November 9 and ? 2013) 

Kang Cheol-joong doubles as a film for both the Ha Jung-woo Season at the KCCUK as well as an entry for the Korean Film Festival (more below). The second HJW film for this month has yet to be announced. As always, you can reserve your free seat for the Korean Film Night on the KCCUK’s website.

London Korean Film Festival, London, UK (November 7-22, 2013) 

The 8th edition of the London Korean Film Festival brings 20+ Korean films – from rom-coms to action blockbusters to critically acclaimed indies – to the UK. The festival primarily takes places in London, but a few films will screen elsewhere. The full programme can be found here.

Doki Doki Festival, Manchester, UK (November 9, 2013) 009 RE Cyborg

The Doki Doki Festival brings Japanese culture to Manchester, including two films:

  • 「希望の国」 (Kibou no Kuni/The Land of Hope, Japan/UK/Taiwan, 2012) – Dir. by Sono Sion.
  • 「009 Re: Cyborg」(Japan, 2012), UK cinema release (June 7, 2013 onward) – Dir. by Kamiyama Kenji.

If you can’t make it to Manchester, remember that both Third Window Films and All the Anime have DVD releases for the two films.

China Image Film Festival, London, UK (November 12-18, 2013) cn 

It’s a new film festival to me but apparently it’s already the fifth time that the China Image Film Festival is taking place. It is screening quite a number of films, most of which I hadn’t heard of before. I did already watch《致我们终将逝去的青春》(Zhì wǒmen zhōng jiāng shìqù de qīngchūn/To Our Youth That Is Fading Away aka So Young, China, 2013), but I hesitate to recommend that particular one…

The full programme details are here.

Chan-wook Parks Vengeance Trilogy, Prince Charles Cinema, London, UK (November 15, 2013) 

The Prince Charles Cinema loves marathoning films and this month one of its offerings is the whole of Park Chan-wook’s Vengeance trilogy.

「るろうに剣心」 (Rurōnikenshin/Rurouni Kenshin, Japan, 2012), Satori Screening, Derby Quad, Derby, UK (November 15, 2013), UK rurouni kenshin 1

The Satori Screening at the Derby Quad this month will be Rurōnikenshin – really wish I could venture there, because I didn’t get to see the film on the large screen in London.

「ゲゲゲの女房」(Gegege’s Wife, 2008), Films at the Embassy of Japan, London, UK (November 17, 2013) 

Another free screening at the Japanese Embassy, but you must reserve your seat here.

Asian Movies Meetup, Jetlag Bar, London, UK (November 18, 2013)

The Asian Movies Meetup is gathering on November 18th to watch another surprise film – not even any hints given this time. More details about the event location are here.

누구의 딸도 아닌 해원 (Nuguui ttaldo anin Haewon/Nobody’s Daughter Haewon, South Korea, 2013), Derby Quad, Derby, UK (November 26-28, 2013) 
Dir. by Hong Sang-soo. One final East Asian offering at the Derby Quad this month: Hong Sang-soo’s Nuguui ttaldo anin Haewon.

TBA, Terracotta Film Club, Prince Charles Cinema, London, UK (November 2013) 

To be announced.


  • November 18:「パーフェクトブル」(Perfect Blue, Japan, 1998) – Dir. by Kon Satoshi. Released on DVD and Blu-Ray by Anime Limited.
  • November 25: 「東京フィスト」(Tōkyō fisuto/Tokyo Fist, Japan, 1995) – Horror film dir. by Tsukamoto Shinya. Home release via Third Window Films.
  • November 25: Studiocanal will be releasing four Studio Ghibli films as special SteelBook editions. You can preorder on Amazon.uk. The films: 「風の谷のナウシカ」(Kaze no Tani no Naushika/Nausicaä, 1984), 「となりのトトロ」 (Tonari no Totoro/My Neighbor Totoro, 1988),「ハウルの動く城」 (Hauru no Ugoku Shiro/Howl’s Moving Castle, 2004) and「崖の上のポニョ」(Gake no Ue no Ponyo/Ponyo, Japan, 2008). Apparently the SteelBooks cases will contain both the DVD and Blu-ray of each film and are priced at under £20.