A Trailer Weekly… because if I don’t post this now (it has been sitting in my draft folder with all six trailers selected for about two months I’d say), I’ll never get back onto them again! I’ll keep it fairly short this time, and just give you the trailers:

  • 화이: 괴물을 삼킨 아이 (Hwa-yi: The Boy Who Swallowed A Monster, South Korea, 2013)

Dir. by Jang Joon-hwan.

As a baby Hwayi was kidnapped from his parents and raised by gang to become a lethal killer. Unable to remember, Hwayi is unaware about his origins, but finds out the truth when he is 17. It’s a dark, dark tale.

Absolutely love the poster. There’s an alternative one too that’s much more standard and that seems to be the main one, but I like this image just so much better.

  • 《郊遊》 (Jiāoyóu/Stray Dogs, Taiwan, 2013)

Dir. by Tsai Ming-liang

Jiāoyóu is currently making the rounds at international film festival (sadly, it has yet to screen anywhere in the UK). It’s about a broken family that tries to scrape a living, somehow, in Taipei that is hostile to people on the margins of society.

Note: No trailer, but a clip – with parts that I can kind of relate too. My sister and I did those rounds in Taipei supermarkets, trying out all the tasters (for fun of course, not because we were starving).

  • 河流》 (He liu/The River, Hong Kong, 1997)

Dir. by Tsai Ming-liang

Jiāoyóu got me curious, so I looked through Tsai Ming-liang’s full filmography and came across more interesting stuff. He liu is about portrait of a dysfunctional family – Xiao-kang, a young man, and his parents, who all live together but hardly ever talk to each other.

  • 깡철이 (Kkang-chulie/Tin Can aka Tough as Iron, South Korea, 2013)

Dir. by Ahn Kwon-tae.

This one looks fun, but like it has some depth too. It is about a young kid – tough and streetwise – and his oddball mother (played by the best Korean mom, Kim Hae-sook – 너의 목소리가 들려 /Neoui Moksoriga Deulleo/I Can Hear Your Voice fans will know what I’m talking about). Gang-Chul is the caretaker as his mother suffers from Alzheimer and constantly gets herself into trouble by doing outrageous things.

  • 「麦子さんと」(Mugiko-san to/With Mugiko, Japan, 2013)

Dir. by Yoshida Keisuke.

Mugiko (Horikita Maki) and her older brother (Matsuda Ryuhei) live together, without their parents. Their father is dead, their mother abandoned them long ago, but one day turns up again at their door. Mugiko struggles with her mother’s sudden reappearance, but is unaware that the woman is ill.

  • 「ウルトラミラクルラブストーリー」 (Urutora mirakuru rabu sutori/The Bare Essence of Life – Ultra Miracle Love Story, Japan, 2007)

Dir. by Yokohama Satoko.

I found this one when looking into the filmography of Yokohama Satoko, whose shorts were playing at Raindance this year. It’s not the only poster that is available for her film Urutora mirakuru rabu sutori, but it is without doubt the most amusing one – and gives a hint of the lead character’s quirky nature. Yojin (Matsuyama Kenichi) can never sit still, though farming his grandmother’s vegetable garden keeps him entertained. Then he meets Machiko (Aso Kumiko), a Tokyo newcomer to his rural town, who is trying to escape her past and doesn’t know what to make of Yojin and the affections he has a strong need to express.