September 2013 Events

The autumn festival season starts kicking in – lots to see and plenty more to come!

Last updated: 4/9/2013


Studio Ghibli Sundays Season, Prince Charles Cinema, London, UK (September 1, 8, 15 and 22, 2013) jp

The Prince Charles Cinema continues to be the movie theatre for Ghibli fans:

  • Sept 1: 「借りぐらしのアリエッティ」 (Karigurashi no Arrietty/Arrietty, Japan, 2011) –  REVIEW.
  • Sept 8: 「魔女の宅急便」 (Majo no Takkyūbin/Kiki’s Delivery Service, Japan, 1989)
  • Sept 15: 「耳をすませば」 (Mimi o Sumaseba/Whisper of the Heart, Japan, 1995)
  • Sept 22: 「崖の上のポニョ」(Gake no Ue no Ponyo/Ponyo, Japan, 2008)

Satyajit Ray: Part Two, BFI, London, UK (throughout September) in

The second part of the grand retrospective for Satyajit Ray brings many more films of the Indian director to the UK. The full list of films and dates is here.

When the Dragon Swallowed the Sun (Taiwan, 2010), Cornerhouse, Manchester, UK (September 3, 2013) tw

A documentary from Dirk Simon on Tibet. The synopsis reads as follows: “Why hasn’t Tibet been liberated? Who is keeping the movement from going forward? Dirk Simon’s documentary examines these questions in order to understand why the world has failed to act. Seven years in the making, with footage shot inside Tibet, India and China, the documentary includes interviews with Desmond Tutu, Richard Gere and the Dalai Lama, as well as artists and activists. It also features an original score composed by Philip Glass, Thom Yorke and Damien Rice.”

Scalarama, UK (August 31-September 29, 2013) jptwhk

tiger dragon

Scalarama runs across the UK as a “month long celebration of all forms of cinema” and has a several Asian goodies on the programme:

  • September 1: 「ハウス」 (Hausu/House, Japan, 1977), as part of a double bill of films (the other being the Swedish Häxan) for  Horror Comes to PeckhamDir. by Obayashi Nobuhiko it’s supposed to be super-bizarre. The screening takes places at a former asylum, just to make it all the more scary!
  • September 6: The Good The Bad & the Unseen Double Bill: The wuxia film 《獨臂拳王大破血滴子》(Dú Bì Quán Wáng Dà Pò Xuě Dī Zǐ/Master of the Flying Guillotine, Taiwan, 1976) screens alongside Cut-Throats Nine. At the Genesis Cinema, London.
  • September 7: 《臥虎藏龍》 (Wò hǔ cáng lóng/Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Taiwan, 2000) – Dir. by Ang Lee. Wò hǔ cáng lóng, the Taiwanese film that rather single-handedy introduced Western audiences to wuxia films, screens as part of NOMAD.
  • September 8: Life of Pi (USA/Taiwan, 2012) – Dir. by Ang Li. In Southend-on-Sea, Essex.
  • September 13: 「キングコング対ゴジラ」 (Kingu Kongu Tai Gojira/King Kong vs. Godzilla, Japan, 1962). In Brighton.
  • September 19: 《花樣年華》 (Huāyàng niánhuá/In the Mood For Love, Hong Kong, 2000) – Dir. by Wong Kar Wai. In East Dulwich, London.
  • September 20: 《花樣年華》 (Huāyàng niánhuá/In the Mood For Love, Hong Kong, 2000) – Dir. by Wong Kar Wai. In Hyde Park, London.
  • September 21: Films of Fury: A Tribute to Bruce Lee. Screening of the documentary How Bruce Lee Changed the World (USA, 2009) and 《龍爭虎鬥》(Lóng Zhēng Hǔ Dòu/Enter the Dragon, Hong Kong/USA, 1973). In Belfast.
  • September 21: 「ゴジラ」(Gojira/Godzilla, Japan, 1954). Dir. by Honda Ishiro. In Rio Cinema, London.

For details see the official Scalarama website.

Peckham and Nunhead Free Film Festival, Peckham, London, UK jphk



The Peckham and Nunhead Free Film Festival is back and has several Asian offerings on its programme:

  • September 8: KanZeOn (Japan, 2011), with Japanese drumming from Thames Taiko and director’s Q&A. At the Asylum Chapel.
  • September 10: 「時をかける少女」 (Toki o Kakeru Shoujo – The Girl Who Leapt through Time, Japan, 2006) – Dir. by Hosoda Mamoru. One of my all-time favourites. REVIEW here. Screens at Peckham Library.
  • September 14: Kung Fu Mayhem Triple Bill with a mix of Asian and non-Asian films: Kung Fu Panda 2 (USA, 2011) plus《功夫》(Gōngfū/Kung Fu Hustle, Hong Kong, 2004) plus《龍爭虎鬥》(Lóng Zhēng Hǔ Dòu/Enter the Dragon, Hong Kong/USA, 1973). More here.

「バトル・ロワイアル」 (Batoru Rowaiaru/Battle Royale, Japan, 2000), Satori Screen, Derby Quad, Derby, UK (September 6, 2013) jp

The film for this month’s Satori Screen event at the Derby Quad is Fukusaku Kinji’s “classic satirical bloodbath Battle Royale“. A cult film – and the original Hunger Games. Details here.

Red Carpet Spirit Trilogy, KCCUK, London, UK (September 6, 2013) 

A trilogy of shorts (Kim Ingeun’s 화창한 날(예고)/One Fine Day, Ryu Changwoo’s Bincent and Choi Yoonsuk’s Object) screen, for free, at the KCCUK. More here.

피에타 (Pieta/Pieta, South Korea, 2012), ICA, London (Sept 6-12, 2013) 

Dir. by Kim Ki-duk.

One of recent controversy-stirring films from Korean cult director Kim Ki-duk screens at the ICA this month. This one is about “a brutal loan shark and the perverse relationship he develops with an older woman, who claims to be his mother”. Book here.

Secret Japanese Movie Meetup!, London, UK (September 9, 2013) jp

It’s… a secret film, which is so not my cup of tea. Oh well. For those willing to take the risk, so far we know is that it is a film that has not previously been screened in the UK.

Updated: Cambridge Film Festival, Cambridge, UK (September 19-29, 2013) jp

Several East Asian offerings:

  • September 20: Unmade in China (USA/China, 2012)
  • September 20 and 23: 돈의 맛 (Donui Mat/The Taste of Money, South Korea, 2012)
  • September 20 and 24: Tokyo Dreams (Japan), 2012) – Short screening as part of Existential (Short Fusion).
  • September 27: The Mosue Sisters (China/USA, 2012)
  • September 28 and 29: Emperor (USA/Japan, 2012)

The festival website is here.

Ryoichi Kurokawa: syn_ , BFI, London, UK (September 26, 2013)  jp



The BFI is having the UK premiere of Kurokawa Ryoichi’s syn_, which combines visuals and sounds in a live performance involving dual screens. The event is almost booked out, so if you are interested in this, get your tickets now. Details here.

Updated: Raindance Film Festival, London, UK (September 25-October 6, 2013)  

Europe’s biggest indie film festival is back! A whole lot of Japanese awesome is screening at Raindance, as part of the Way Out East strand:

  • 「桐島、部活やめるってよ」(Kirishima, Bukatsu Yamerutteyo/The Kirishima Thing, Japan, 2012) – Dir. by Yoshida Daihachi. REVIEW (9/10).
  • 「かしこい狗は、吠えずに笑う」 (Kashkoi Inu wa Hoezuni Warau/Shady, Japan, 2012) – Dir. by Watanabe Ryohei.
  • Sake-BOMB (Japan, 2013) – Dir. by Sakino Junya.
  • 「ゼウスの法廷」(Zeusu no hōtei/Court of Zeus, Japan, 2014) – Dir. by Takahashi Gen.
  • 「風切羽」(Kazakiriba/Remiges, Japan, 2013) – Dir. by Ozawa Masato.
  • 「ソウル・フラワー・トレイン」(Sōru furawā torein/Soul Flower Train, 2012) – Dir. by Nishio Hiroshi.
  • 「クオン」(Ku_on/Kuon, Japan, 2013) – Dir. by Hatamura Takayuki.
  • A2-B-C (Japan, 2012) – Dir. by Ian Thomas Ash.
  • 「グレイトフルデッド」 (Gureitofurudeddo/Greatful Dead, Japan, 2013) – Dir. By Uchida Eiji
  • 「黒い四角」(Kuroi shikaku/The Black Square, China/Japan, 2012) – Dir. by Okuhara Hiroshi.
  • Collection of short films by Yokohama Satoko:「真夜中からとびうつれ」 (Mayonaka kara tobi utsure/Midnight Jump, 2011),「おばあちゃん女の子」 (Obacha no nanoko/Granny Girl, 2010) and「りんごのうかの少女」(Ringo no kano shōjo/ A Girl in the Apple Farm, 2013).
  • 「友達」(Tomodachi/Friendship (Japan, 2013) – Dir. by Endo Mikihiro
  • 「震动」(Shindo/Shindo – The Beat Knocks Her World, Japan, 2012) – Dir. by  Hirano Asami. REVIEW (7/10).

Full details (trailers & synopses) on my Japan at Raindance post.

TBA, Year of 4 Actors, Korean Film Night, KCCUK, London, UK (September 7 and ? 2013) 

The Year of 4 Actors continues, we know details for one September film, but are waiting to hear details about the other. As always, Korean Film Nights are free, but seats must be reserved in advance here.

  • September 7: 악마를 보았다 (Angmareul boatda/I Saw the Devil, South Korea, 2010) – Dir. by Kim Ji-woon. South Korean horror – apparently it’s gore for the gore’s sake.
  • September ?: TBA.

Films at the Embassy of Japan, London, UK (TBA) 

It has been a couple of months since the Japanese embassy screened anything (maybe they were on an extended summer break?), so here’s to hoping that September will bring us an embassy film.

TBA, Terracotta Film Club, Prince Charles Cinema, London, UK (September 2013) 

To be announced.


  • September 9: Double release of「蜘蛛の瞳」(Kumo no Hitomi/Eyes of the Spider, Japan, 1998) and「蛇の道」(Hebi no Michi/Serpent’s Path, Japan, 1998) – Dir. by Kurosawa Kiyoshi. Home media released via Third Window Films.


Manga Animation Workshop, Peckham, London (September 7, 2013)

The Peckham & Nunhead Free Film Festival is organising a manga animation workshop for 11-15 years that are interested in anime. Details here.

East Winds Call for Papers, UK (September 27, 2013)

The East Winds Symposium: East and South East Asian Cinema on the Global Stage will take place in November at Coventry University in conjunction with the East Winds Festival. The deadline for the submission of abstracts is September 27. More information here.

Director Talk: Satoko Yokohama, Japan Foundation, London, UK (September 27, 2013) jp

In connection to the Raindance screenings of three Yokohama Satoko shorts, the Japan Foundation is organising a director’s talk on September 27, 2013. Free, but must reserve. Email

Asian Films for Online Rental via Filmhouse Player, UK and Ireland jp

For British or Irish film fans two Asian/Asian-related films are still available for rent via the the Filmhouse Player.

  • 「レンタネコ」(Rent-a-Neko/Rent-a-Cat, Japan, 2012) – Apparently available until November.
  • Io Sono Li (Shun Li and the Poet, Italy/France, 2012) – Not exactly Asian, but with Asian elements… and since I’m very fond of this film, I’ll always have to recommend it. See my REVIEW.