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Ghibli Mural Large

Name them all: Studio Ghibli films 1984-2013 (click to enlarge).

The countdown to the Japanese premiere of Hayao Mizaki’s「風立ちぬ」(Kaze Tachinu/The Wind Rises) on July 20 continues. While no full-length trailer has been released – at least not on the web, as, apparently, it is being shown in cinemas – there are a few more tidbits to tide us over. Murals depicting all 21 Studio Ghibli films can be admired by cinema goers in Japan at the moment, but fortunately we have also been  offered a glimpse online (above image). Also made available worldwide is a short clip of the film’s theme song,「ひこうき雲」(Hikōki Gumo/Airplane Cloud), which EMI records began streaming yesterday:

The piece, composed (apparently at age 16) and performed (now at age 59) by Matsutoya Yumi “Yuming”, certainly fits within the mould of past Ghibli film theme songs, though I have to say I’m somewhat more excited by the glimpse that the video offers into Ghibli Museum: Matsutoya is being filmed as she is strolling about the place. Never having visited there, I can only go ohhhh! and ahhhh! at all the whimsical I’m seeing. I love that it looks more like a cozy-messy house of treasures than a clinically neat exhibition room.

The soundtrack for Kaze Tachinu is to be released on July 31 (as a limited edition CD plus a music video DVD), with an LP supplement following in addition for the regular edition on August 14. Here’s the super-simple cover:

CD cover

Also being released and already available for pre-order on Amazon Japan is the official artbook:


Note: Credit to Anime News Network (music video) and Yonghow of Halcyon Realms (who first alerted me to the artbook).

Bonus Bits:

  • Bonus image from Kaze Tachinu:

kaze 13