What to say? I was going to introduce this post with a few words on all the food thoughts I had today thanks to filling my bag with lots of goodies from the farmers’ market today (tomatoes, for the first time in months!) and my cooking plans (1, 2, 3) for the week (to spoil my ‘little sister’ that will be visiting), but after a long day at work I’m a bit tired and too lazy to write anything much. So, we’ll get right to this week’s trailers instead.

  • 醉後一夜》 (Zuì hòu yīyè/Lacuna, China, 2012) – Dir. by Derek Tsang Kwok-Cheung and Jimmy Wan Chi-Man. It’s one of those hangover films – when characters wake up the morning after and haven’t the slightest clue about what happened the night before. It’s not the kind of premise that really interests me, but this Chinese (rather than Hollywood) take on it involves a male/female couple that finds itself half-(or rather, completely) naked not only in the same bed without ever having met before, but in a bed in a furniture store. Other than having a totally blank memory, the guy can’t find his car and the girl is missing US$300,000 – but that’s only the start. Although Lacuna is unlikely to be the most original rom-com of the year, it does sound like a fun watch at the end of a long week and, judging from reviews, it’s actually a better-than-average Friday night film.
  • 明天記得愛上我》 (Míngtiān jìde ài shàng wǒ/Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?, Hong Kong, 2013) – Dir. by Chen Arvin. When I recently looked over the programme for the Hong Kong International Film Festival (which is about to finish), most of the entries looked like the same-old. This one however captured my interest, because there is a twist to the couple-hits-a-crisis love story: the male half of the married couple is gay, something he has up to now hidden from the people around him, including his wife.
  • ペタル ダンス」 (Petaru Dansu/Petal Dance, Japan, 2013) – Dir. by Ishikawa Hiroshi. It is difficult to say what this film about. There isn’t much of plot other than that two women, Jinko and Motoko, who have been friends since university days, decide to go a road trip to find another one of their former classmates, Miki, about whom strange rumours have been been swirling. Haraki is their driver. I doubt much is going to happen, but rather this sounds like a drama exploring the feeling of its characters. The cast, by the way, is pretty impressive: Miyazaki Aoi, Ando Sakura, Fukiishi Kazue and Kutsuna Shiori are all in it – a rather interesting line-up of actresses.
  • ゲゲゲの女房」 (Gegege no Nyobo/The Wife of Gegege, Japan, 2009) – Dir. by Suzuki Takuji. An autobiographical film about the manga artist behind Gegege no Kitaro, who, together with his wife, faced many difficulties before finding success in his work. Note: What to say about the film poster? It’s like the filmmakers want to discourage us from seeing their creation – that’s how boring it is. They couldn’t have offered up something more interesting than that, e.g. like the one below, which I believe is from the book cover from the original autobiography.

gegege 2

  • 반창꼬 (Banchangggyo/Love 911, South Korea, 2012) – Dir. by Jeong Ki-Hun. Okay, I’ll say it right away: I’m in doubt about this one. I can’t remember how I stumbled across it in the first place and why I thought it might have Trailer Weekly potential. Looking at it again now I’m a bit worried it might be just lame – i.e. a very predictable and none-too-enlightening kind of flick about two people on the opposite end of the personality spectrum falling in love. One is Mi-soo, a doctor who is selfishly out to save herself when she misdiagnoses a patient. The other is Kang-il, a completely self-less firefighter who would give his life for another person and who still suffers from the trauma of having lost his wife a while backHere’s a screenshot from the film, which also puts me off:
Love_911 post army pic

Post-K-army rite of passage (aka fanservice).

Yeah. I’m probably the only female that doesn’t dig those let’s-strip-them-down-and-show-those-abs shots that are pretty much a rite of passage for male A-list Korean actors. I mean, eye-candy is all fine and dandy but there just something rather off-puttingly objectifying when film- and drama makers insert a shower scene (or something similar) just for the sake of it (or rather, to perform fan service and show off those army abs).

  • ライズアップ (Raizu Appu/Rise Up, Japan, 2009) – Dir. by Nakajima Ryo. I had a film by this director on last week’s Trailer Weekly and another one waaaaaay backRaizu Appu, admittedly, doesn’t sound all that intriguing – a girl that recently lost her eyesight in an accident and a boy paraglider meet and get closer only for a cruel reality to be revealed – but what I have heard about Nakajima’s other projects, particularly 「俺たちの世界」 (Oretachi no Sekai/This World of Ours, Japan, 2007), makes me want to put it on the to-watch list anyhow.

Bonus Bits

  • I featured 「リアル 完全なる首長竜の日」 (Riaru Kanzen Naru Kubinagaryu no Hi/Real, Japan, 2013) in a Trailer Weekly fairly recently, although at that time there was only a teaser of 45 sec available. Now a longer trailer (1:31 min) has been released. Still looking good.