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Lots of stuff again – something from pretty much every (South East) Asian country. And nicely spread out over all the UK too, so it’s not just film-fun for Londoners!

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As always, if I’ve missed anything, get in touch!

LAST UPDATED: 17/3/2013

Stoker (USA, 2013), cinematic release, UK-wide (from March 1, 2013 onwards) 

Korean director Park Chan-wook goes to Hollywood with his latest film Stoker. It stars Nicole Kidman, Matthew Goode and Mia Wasikowska. What I hear from my fellow LAFS bloggers (who attended the preview last month) is that it’s beautifully shot but emotionally rather empty. Check your local (arthouse?) cinema to see if it’s playing there.

올드보이 (Oldeuboi/Oldboy, South Korea, 2003) – UK Screenings (March 1, 2013 onwards, various dates) 

Park Chan-wook’s Oldeuboi will be screening in US, the UK and IRELAND (had to put that in bold since the organisers seem to be geographically challenged, listing ‘Dublin’ as city in the UK. Umm. No.)

UK screenings:

  • March 1 and 2: Birmingham (Birmingham Electric)
  • March 1: Edinburgh (Cameo Edinburgh)
  • March 2: London (Rio Cinema Dalston)
  • March 23: Leeds (Hyde Park)
  • March 26: London (Prince Charles Cinema)

Poster for the event (includes US, UK and Ireland listing) is here.

Once Upon a Time in Japan: 10th Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme, various locations, UK (February 1 – March 27, 2013) 

Mai Mai Miracle

Mai Mai Miracle: BFFs sisters.

The Touring Film Programme has had its London, Belfast and Sheffield stops, but continues elsewhere in the UK, with March screenings scheduled for Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Newcastle upon Tyne and Nottingham. On the programme (note: not all films will be shown at every location):

  • 「ゼロの焦点」 (Zero no Shōten/Zero Focus, Japan, 2009) – REVIEW.
  • 「実録・連合赤軍 あさま山荘への道程(みち)」(Jitsuroku Rengosekigun/The Red Army aka United Red Army, Japan, 2007)
  • 「紙屋悦子の青春」 (Kamiya Etsuko no seishun/The Youth of Kamiya Etsukoaka The Blossoming of Etsuko Kamiya, Japan, 2006)
  • 「八日目の蝉」 (Youkame no Semi/Rebirth, Japan, 2011)
  • 「忍たま乱太郎」 (Nintama Rantaro/Ninja Kids!!!, Japan, 2011)
  • 「マイマイ新子と千年の魔法」 (Maimai Shinko to sen-nen no mahō/Mai Mai Miracle, Japan, 2009) – One of those gems that no one who enjoys animated films should miss. (See also my REVIEW.)
  • 「妖しき文豪怪談」 (Ayashiki Bungo Kaidan/Kaidan Horror Classics, Japan, 2010)
  • 「フラガール」 (Hula garu/Hula Girls, Japan, 2006)
  • 「火天の城」 (Katen no Shiro/Castle Under Fiery Skies, Japan, 2009)
  • 「バブルへGO!! タイムマシンはドラム式」 (Baburu e go!! Taimu mashin wa doramu-shiki/Bubble Fiction: Boom or Bust, Japan, 2007)

See the separate post on Otherwhere for details on all the films (synopses, trailers, etc.).

ไฮโซ (Hi-So, Thailand, 2010) + Q&A, Hackney Picturehouse, London, UK (March 2, 2013) th

Directed by Aditya Assarat, who will be present for a Q&A session after the film. The film is about Ananda, who return to Thailand after studying in the US, and has to re-adjust to life there. Details here.

돼지의 왕 (Daegieui wang/The King of Pigs, South Korea, 2011), FACT, Liverpool, UK (March 3 and 4, 2013) 

Special screening of the Korean animation Daegieui wang for those of you that live in Leeds. More here.

An Evening Dedicated to the Late Satoshi Kon, London Double Bill, London, UK (March 5, 2013) 

For those of you who didn’t recognise it, this month’s header is a gorgeous image from 「千年女優」(Sennen Joyū/Millennium Actress), one of the four gems directed by Kon Satoshi (今 敏), who died much too young at age 46 in 2010. The Anachron Film Evening group is hosting a free double bill as a tribute to Kon at the Earl of Portobello pub at 36 Golborne Road, W10 5PR. Both「千年女優」(Sennen Joyū/Millennium Actress, Japan, 2001) and 「パプリカ (Paprika/Paprika, Japan, 2006) will be shown. Not be missed by anime fans. There is a Facebook page for the event, where you can find more details.

Borderlines Film Festival, UK (March 1-17, 2013) 

An annual event that brings top-notch cinema to more rural corners of the UK that often don’t get to see anything but Hollywood blockbusters, the Borderlines Film Festival always has some Asian films on the programme as well. This year, there are three:

  • 奇跡」 (Kiseki/I Wish, Japan, 2011) – Dir. by Koreeda Hirokazu. Need I say more? Don’t miss it. REVIEW.
  • Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry (UK, 2012) – Documentary on the Chinese dissident artist. Dir. by Alyson Klayman.
  • Jiro Dreams of Sushi (USA, 2011) – Documentary on the master of sushi. Dir. by David Gelb.

The full programme is available here (lots of good stuff, not just Asian).

Pan Asia Film Festival, London, UK (March 6-17, 2013)   tw (too lazy to include all the flags, sorry!)

Gf*Bf: Many loves.

GF*BF: Many types of love.

Film galore aplenty from all over Asia and Asian-themed productions from elsewhere. I’ll be attending the opening night gala.

For full details, see the related posts on Otherwhere here and here.

N.B. Park Chook-won’s Stoker was originally on the line-up as well, but seems to have been removed – perhaps because of the general release in UK cinemas?

Tongues on Fire: 15th London Asian Film Festival, London, UK (March 7-17, 2013) in

The London Asian Film Festival is taking place again, though I almost missed the announcement. There will be 18 different screenings, with the films pretty much all coming from India (I think – the festival website doesn’t say and I haven’t got the time to go through the whole list).

The full programme is available here.

Fresh Wave Film Festival: Hong Kong Young Filmmakers Shorts Programme, ICA, London, UK (March 14, 2013) hk

Four shorts – directed by Tam Wai-ching, Li Sum-yiet, Isabelle Candice Lam and Li Yushang – will be shown at the ICA this month. All are award winners from the Fresh Wave Film Festival, which is Asia’s most prestigious short film event.

You can read out more about Fresh Wave here and book your ICA tickets here.

London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, BFI, London, UK (March 14-24, 2013)  hk ph

Not to be missed at the London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival is the showcase of one of South Korea’s few (only?) openly gay filmmaker, Leesong Hee-il. A trilogy of films fill be shown:

  • March 16, 17, 18: 백야 (Baekya/White Night, South Korea, 2012)
  • March 22 and 24: Double Bill – 지난여름, 갑자기 (Jinanyeoreum, Gapjagi/Suddenly Last Summer, South Korea, 2012)  and 남쪽으로 간다 (Namjjokeuro Ganda/Going South, South Korea, 2012)

Also from Asia:

  • March 20 and 22: 捍路 (Lopsided, Hong Kong, 2012, 30 min) – A short directed by Chow Ka Ho and Yeung Tsz Ngo Poppy that screens as part of the What I Love about Being Queer Screen.
  • March 22 and 24: Bwakaw (Philippines, 2012) – Dir. by Jun Robles Lana.

See my post on the London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, which contains more information on these films and the event in general.

ADDED 11/3/2013  低俗喜劇 (Dīsú xǐjù/Vulgaria, Hong Kong, 2012), Derby, UK (March 15, 2013) hk

One-off screening of Vulgaria at the Derby Quad. Details here.

Tohoku on Film, Part II, Japan Foundation, London, UK (March 15 and 16, 2013) 

Continuing with their filmic commemoration of the second anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake, the Japan Foundation will be screening two productions:

I’m not really familiar with either one, but more information is available at the Japan Foundation website.

Moon So-ri Season, Year of 4 Actors, Korean Film Night, KCCUK, London, UK (March 14 and 28, 2013)  

The Year of 4 Actors continues, with two films programmed for this month, which is still showcasing Moon So-ri.

  • March 14: 오아시스 (Oasiseu/Oasis, 2002) – Dir. by Lee Chang-Dong.
  • March 28: No screening, the next film will be shown on April 4.

Book here (it’s free, as always, and arrive early for some juice).

ADDED 7/3/2013 女朋友。男朋友 (Nyeobung-u. Nambung-u/GF*BF, Taiwan, 2012), Glasgow, UK  (March 17, 2013) tw

The Glasgow Film Theatre screens Yang Ya-che’s Gf*Bf. Don’t miss it! More information here.

ADDED 7/3/2013 Secret Movie, Asian Movies Meet Up, Roxy Bar & Screen, SE1 1LB London, UK (March 18, 2013) 

It’s another ‘Secret Movie’ (i.e. to be revealed on the night) from the organisers of the Asian Movies Meet Up. They reveal only the following: “Tying in with ‘Woman’s History Month’ we have a barnstormer of a film starring one of the greatest Asian female actresses” and add that “Come to this one if you like… midnight madness type movies, a thrill-ride from start to finish”. The event is free of charge, with a quiz (prizes!) preceding the screening. More information here.

Camp 14 – Total Control Zone (Germany, 2012) + Q&A, Human Rights Film Festival, London, UK (March 18 and 20, 2013) 

Camp 14 horrors.

Camp 14 horrors.

A documentary (partially animated) that tells the fascinating life story of Shin Dong-Huyk, the only North Korean to have ever escaped prison camp in the country. I had this one on a Trailer Weekly eons ago, so I’m ever so disappointed I can’t make the screening. Fingers crossed for a prompt DVD release (I’ll take a German one!).

Screens at the Curzon Cinema.

母べえ」(Kaabee/Our Mother, 2007) – Dir. by Yamada Yoji., Films at the Embassy of Japan, London, UK (March 20 2013)  

The film this month is Kaabee and it looks mightily good – really wish this event didn’t always clash with my Japanese class. The screening is free but you must reserve a seat in advance (details here). Book early, spaces tend to fill up quickly in my experience.

ADDED 11/3/2013「ガンマー第3号 宇宙大作戦」(Ganmā Daisan Gō: Uchū Daisakusen aka Gamma 3/The Green Slime + Shorts, Japan, 1968), The Cinema Museum, London, UK (March 22, 2013) 

Presented by the Zipangu Fest, this is one off-screening of The Green Slime at the magical Cinema Museum in London, which is worth in itself checking out. Screening information.

ADDED 17/3/2013 Leeds Young People Film Festival, Leeds, UK (March 25 – April 5, 2013) 

Three J-animations are on the programme in March:

  • March 29:「となりのトトロ」 (Tonari no Totoro/My Neighbour Totoro, Japan, 1988)
  • March 30: 「ホッタラケの島 〜遥と魔法の鏡〜」 (Hottarake no Shima: Haruka to Mahō no Kagami/Oblivion Island: Haruka and the Magic Mirror, Japan, 2009)
  • March 30: 「ベルセルク」 (Beserk/Beserk, Japan, 2012) – Film 2 「黄金時代篇Ⅱ ドルドレイ攻略」 (Ōgon Jidai-Hen II: Doldrey Kōryaku/The Golden Age Arc: The Battle for Doldrey)

For details, refer to the separate post on the festival.

ADDED 5/3/2013 ช็อคโกแลต (Chocolate aka Zen, Warrior Within, Thailand, 2008),  Terracotta Film Club, Prince Charles Cinema, London, UK (March 27 2013)

A Thai martial arts film that stars, Yanin Vismistananda and Pongpat Wachirabunjong, but also Abe Hiroshi. More here.


For Ellen (USA, 2012) – Kim So-yong’s US-made film is currently available as view-on-demand in the UK and Ireland. Roger Ebert scored it 3.5 stars out of 4 – that’s quite some praise from a very high profile film critic.