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December, December… the year is coming to an end and at least in this part of the world people are sort of busy with Christmassy things. This also means that there is relatively little going on in terms of film festivals and film screenings. I couldn’t find much at least – do give me a heads up if you see anything I missed or if you hear about any new events being organised.

P.S. I hope no one finds red-tinted snowflakes creepy…

LAST UPDATED: 4/12/2012

Kotatsu Japanese Animation Festival, Cardiff, UK (December 1, 2012)

Well, December 1 has come and gone so I can only list what we’ve already missed at this festival that screened multiple J-animations:

  • 「借りぐらしのアリエッティ」 (Karigurashi no Arrietty/Arrietty, Japan, 2010) – Studio Ghibli, dir. by Miyazaki Hayao. REVIEW.
  • 「こま撮りえいが こまねこ」(Koma Tori Eiga Komaneko/Komaneko the Curious Cat, Japan, 2006) and 「こまねこのクリスマス ~迷子になったプレゼント~」(Komaneko no Christmas ~Maigo ni Natta Present~/Komaneko’s Christmas, Japan, 2009)
  • 「星を追う子ども」 (Hoshi o Ou Kodomo/Children Who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below aka Journey to Agartha, Japan, 2011) – dir. by Shinkai Makoto. REVIEW.
  • 「ベルセルク」 (Beserk/Beserk, Japan, 2012) – Film 1 「黄金時代篇Ⅰ 覇王の卵」 (Ōgon Jidai-Hen I: Haō no Tamago/The Golden Age Arc: The Egg of the King)
  • 「コクリコ坂から」 (Kokuriko-zaka Kara/From up on Poppy Hill, Japan, 2011) – Studio Ghibli, dir. by Miyazaki Goro. REVIEW.

Asian Movies Meetup: 8월의 크리스마스 (8 weol-eui Keu-ri-seu-ma-seu/Christmas in August, 1998) –  London, UK (December 3, 2012)  

The Asian Movies Meetup takes place early this month and it’s a Christmas-themed film from South Korea that will conclude the year. Details can be found at the Asian Movies Meetup page. (There is also a Facebook page.) From what I gather 8 weol-eui Keu-ri-seu-ma-seu is major melodramatic fare (so bring your tissues), but it’s been largely well received, both by viewers and critics, who praise the subtle handling of heavy subject material: Jung-won, a portrait photographer, begins a relationship with the younger Da-rim. He learns that he is suffering from a terminal illness, but decides not to burden anyone with this bit of news. Darcy Paquet writes that it’s “well worth seeing”.

賽德克•巴萊 (Sàidékè Balái/Seediq Bale aka Warriors of the Rainbow, Taiwan, 2011), UCL, London, UK (December 4, 2012) tw

The China Centre for Health and Humanity (CCHH) at University College London (UCL) is showing Seediq Bale – a big historical epic from Taiwan that has received mixed reviews – in a series of four film screenings part of the course Chinese Film and the Body. Admission is open and free of charge to members of the university as well as registered Friends of UCL CCHH. As far as I can tell, anyone can become a “Friend” of the UCL CCHH and it doesn’t seem to cost anything – see here.

Seediq Bale

Seediq Bale: Visually very pretty, but reviews were mixed.

KCCUK: 2012: Year of 12 Directors – Lim Soon-rye (임순례)

In the final month of the KCCUK‘s Year of 12 Directors it is Lim Soon-rye’s turn:

6th: 와이키키 브라더스 (Waikiki Brothers, 2001)
13th: 우리 생애 최고의 순간 (Woori Saengae Choigoeui Soongan/Forever the Moment, 2007)
20th: 소와 함께 여행하는 법 (Sowa Hamgge Yehaenghaneun Beom/Rolling Home with a Bull, 2010) + Q&A with director

I’ll have a post on Lim Soon-rye with more information on each film ready within the next couple of days.

Mayamada Presents – Anime Showtime 3:「ルパン三世 カリオストロの城」 (Rupan Sansei: Kariosutoro no Shiro/ The Castle of Cagliostro, Japan, 1979) – London, UK (December 8, 2012)   

This animation is pre-Studio Ghibli but is directed by Miyazaki Hayao. Now that it is being released on Blu-Ray, there is a special screening held at the Roxy Bar and Screen. I got really excited about this until I read that they are screening the dubbed version, rather than the subtitled one. Boohoooo (I’m loving the event poster though.). I guess most people won’t mind though. Details.

Anime Showtime Poster.

Anime Showtime Poster.

화창한 날 (Hwachanghan Nal/One Fine Day, 2012) + Q&A, London, UK (December 8, 2012) 

This is a short and an art film about a Korean artist living in London. London Korean Links has more information.

「緑子」 (Midori-Ko, Japan, 2010) and エンカウンターズ](Enkauntāzu/ Encounters, Japan, 2011), Newcastle, UK (December 12, 2012)  

The Star and Shadow Cinema (awesome name!) in Newcastle is screening two Japanese animationsMidori-Ko (55 min) and Enkauntāzu (30 min). Both were on the programme at the Zipangu Fest in London earlier this year, so you can find a few details on them in this post as I unfortunately still haven’t gotten round to reviewing either one. If you are seeking something Studio Ghibli-like, this isn’t for you – these are animations of the ‘alternative’ and – particularly Midori-ko – artsy kind.

The Fanastical World of Midori-Ko.

The Fanastical World of Midori-Ko – rather Goyaesque.

Korean Panel at the World Literature London Conference, SOAS, London, UK (December 14, 2012) 

It’s not a film, but a literature event, but it may be of interest to some: the World Literature London Conference (December 12-14, 2012) has a panel on Korea specifically, with the following papers:

Between Cultural Specificity and ‘Universal’ Considerations – Canonicity and World Literature in the Korean Context (Chair: Grace Koh, SOAS, University of London)

  • ‘The World of Circulation: Considering “Universality” and Literary Value in the Kuunmong’ – Sangjin Park, Busan University of Foreign Studies (BUFS)
  • ‘Translating Genre: Debates Surrounding the “Novel” versus “Sosŏl” (小說) in Korean Literary Studies’ (Kang Sangsoon, RIKS, Korea University)
  • ‘Through Western Eyes: North American Missionaries’ Readings of Korean Literature in the Early 20th Century’ (Kim Seung-u, RIKS, Korea University0
  • ‘New World Literature Beyond National and International Boundaries: Tasks and Masks of the Korean Publication Market for World Literature’ (Lee Seok-ho, RIKS, Korea University)

Time: 16:30-18:30 on December 14, 2012
Venue: SOAS, T101 and T102.

I’ve been told by one of the organisers that the conference is open to members of the public that are interested in specific panel sessions (no need to separately register). See also here.

Films at the Japanese Embassy, London, UK (TBA)   

We haven’t had any screenings in October or November, but if I hear anything about a December one, I’ll add details here.

Premiere Japan, London, UK (???)  

No news… seems not to be happening this year.

That’s it. Not much really… although if you feel bored, you could try Curzon on Demand, which has a number (older) Japanese productions plus one Wong Kar Wai film available at the moment. (Haven’t tried Curzon on Demand yet myself, so I don’t know how it works exactly.)