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As you may know Studio Ghibli’s 「もののけ姫」(Mononoke Hime/Princess Mononoke, 1997) is being adapted for the stage for the first time ever. Whole Hog Theatre, a small British company specialising in adaptations, is taking on the challenge and will be staging the performance in London in April 2013, with only a handful days programmed.

I already wrote about the project here and here and I’ll keep those posts coming whenever there’s a notable update… like now: Whole Hog Theatre recently launched a Kickstarter Campaign to bring the adaptation to yet more people (yeehaw!). No details yet to where, but some are hoping it’ll eventually tour the world (skip to 49 seconds in):

Well, these presenters may not live in London and haven’t managed to snag a ticket, however, I do and I did – but I know I’m one of the lucky few! And because I understand that others want to get a chance to partake in the awesomeness – Studio Ghibli has officially given its blessing – that this stage performance is bound to be, here’s my post to spread the word. (I’ll dig out some pennies – well, pounds – to donate too.)

Link for the Kickstarter for Princess Mononoke (just in case you missed it above).

Promotional shot from the stage adaptation.