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Lots of shorts from East Asia are showing at events and festivals in the autumn as well. Coming up:

  • Cambridge Film Festival, Cambridge, UK (13-23 September, 2012) 

Sep 13: The Funeral (South Korea, 2010 – 14 min) – Screens as parts of Shorts: To RustMore here.
Sep 14: Burning Hearts (Japan/Australia, 2011 – 15 min) – Screens as part of Shorts: To Be in the Present. More here.

  • Raindance Film Festival, London, UK (26 September – 7 October, 2012)   

Although there was nothing Korean in the feature-length film section, we do get one and a half shorts from the country, plus one Japanese one. I’m also throwing in one that is set in Ladakh for good measure.

Sept 29: Bite of the Tail (USA/South Korea, 2012 – 9 min) – Directed by Kim Song-e. Info here.

Oct 3: The Metamorphosis (South Korea, 2012 – 14 min) – Directed by Yun Ki-nam. Info here. Fantasy/horror. Has some excellent reviews.

Oct 1: Yadorigi (Yadorigi – A Village in Portraits, Japan, 2011 – 29 min) – Directed by Iwakawa Eiji. Info here and a trailer.

Sept 28 and 29: Achele (Sister, UK/India, 2012 – 17 min) – Directed by Clara Kraft Isono. Set in Ladakh. Info here.

The full programme of shorts to be screened at Raindance is available here.

  • BFI London International Film Festival, London, UK (10-21 October, 2012) 

Oct 14:「ヨナルレ」(Yonarure/Yonalure: Moment to Moment, Japan, 2012 – 8 min) – Directed by Nakata Ayaka and Sakitani Yuki. Screens as part of Animated Shorts for Young Audiences. Trailer and details.

The London International Animation Festival will also be showing a whole lot of East Asian (especially Japanese) shorts but as it is taking place between October 25-November 4 only and is thus still a while off, I will write up a post for it only next month. You can however already browse the rather overwhelming programme if you like.

Apologies for the lack of original titles/script – a few of the films in fact have an English title only, for others it seems difficult to track them down – not so surprising with shorts. If anyone has any leads (like for The Metamorphosis), I would appreciate help!