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As I reported recently, Studio Ghibli’s「もののけ姫」(Mononoke-hime/Princess Mononoke, 1997) is being put on the stage by the UK-based The Whole Hog Theatre company. Although the performance will not take place until April 2013, tickets were snatched up in less than 72 hours after they went on sale last week. Clearly, there is a lot excitement about the very first theatrical adaptation of the Studio Ghibli animation.

I actually managed to get hold of a ticket despite feeling indecisive at first (I struggle to plan my life that far ahead). However, not everyone was as lucky and the theatre company has since been inundated with requests to put on additional performances. Other than sharing a new – even if not all that different – production photo (see above) on their official blog, they also wrote the following today:

Watching the news spread across Anime fan sites and other online publication all over the world has been fascinating. There have been some rather interesting reports flying around concerning the show – our favourites include Whole Hog Theatre being a Walt Disney company, and Princess Mononoke being presented as an all-singing all-dancing musical. Neither of these things are true.

As for added performances, nothing definite has been announced yet, but the good news is that The Whole Hog is at least acknowledging the demand and offering words that sound more encouraging than not:

Well, there’s nothing on the horizon just yet, but we and The New Diorama have been inundated with requests for more performances and without a shadow of a doubt we would absolutely love to take this production further. We are incredibly excited and privileged to have to opportunity to stage Princess Mononoke so are doing everything we can to bring it to wider audiences.

However, we remain a very small and humble company with limited resources, and so there are always complications and restrictions we must consider. But thanks to all the enthusiasm and demand, every ounce of support we get will help us to break down any barriers we face and as always, we intend to GO THE WHOLE HOG wherever possible.

I will keep my fingers crossed.

Bonus Bits:

Mononoke-hime and Ashitaka. Plus their loyal animal companions.