When I attending the Japanese Embassy’s monthly film screening of Aiki (Japan, 2002 – review to follow) last night, I picked up a leaflet for the 6th Manga Jiman competition. (The picture above is a scan – leaflet ended up slightly crumpled in typical alua-fashion ;-).)

I first heard about the competition last year when walking out of one of those film screenings and noticing an exhibition of the winning manga drawings at the embassy. It looked pretty cool, so I made a mental note of it – and was happy to come across that leaflet announcing the next round of MANGA JIMAN yesterday.

The backside of the leaflet reads as follows:

The Embassy of Japan is once again holding the major manga-writing competition, MANGA JIMAN, with more fantastic prizes. The competition is open to any UK resident aged fourteen (14) years or over.

MANGA JIMAN can be translated as ‘having pride in manga’ and the Embassy of Japan is proud to offer UK manga creators, or manga-ka in Japanese, this opportunity.

1st Prize: 2 return tickets to Japan, courtesy of ANA
2nd Prize: TOSHIBA laptop computer
3rd Prize: RICOH digital camera

Runners-up will receive a selection of manga publications, JAPAN CENTRE gift tokens and a variety of other manga goods.

All creations should be original and between 6 to 8 A4-sized pages in length. This year’s theme is ‘GANBARE!’ It is Japanese for ‘good luck!’, ‘do your best!’ or ‘come on!’ It is used when cheering on your favourite sports team or as a remark to encourage someone to overcome a difficulty. Its meanings are many and entrants are free to interpret ‘GANBARE!’ in whichever way they wish.

Pretty awesome prizes. Although the ‘GANBARE!’ theme doesn’t instantly give me any ideas, with the closing date for submissions being November 1, 2012, there’s plenty of time to be inspired.

Full details of how to enter are available on the Embassy’s website.
Questions by email: manga@ld.mofa.go.jp
Competition rules: .pdf file.

If you are not a UK resident, it might be worth checking if the Japanese Embassy in your country holds a similar competition – you might be lucky!