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It’s a selection of random finds this week and it’s only four trailers, but I’m waiting for a friend – whom I last saw eight years ago – to knock on my door any minute. As I think we’ll have lots to talk about, it’s either I post a short(er) Trailer Weekly today and NOW, or a belated one who knows when.

  •  消失打看 (Honey Pupu/Honey Pupu, Taiwan, 2011) – I came across this one when googling pictures for my 我十一 (Wo Shi Yi/11 Flowers) review. That search led me to the festival programme of the Fribourg International Film Festival (which commenced just today), where a snapshot from Honey Pupu – an enticingly gorgeous guy and an awesomely blue-haired girl (plus I actually like this listening-to-your-heart image) – caught my eye. Somehow I know I’m going to love this one. It has the right kind of story for me and the trailer hints at a beautifully crafted film. No idea though when I’m going to get a chance to see it!

  • Órói (Jitters, Iceland, 2010) – Another random find, this time from the programme of the BFI Lesbian & Gay Film Festival. From the BFI website: “While on a school trip to Manchester, quiet teen Gabriel has an unexpected encounter with his roommate Markus. On returning home to Iceland, his head swimming with confused feelings, Gabriel reconnects with his friends, each of whom is facing their own personal problems.” And a bit more: “Jitters has been likened to an Icelandic version of Skins, but while the film may share a focus on adolescent emotions, the result is far more sensitive and restrained than such a comparison might imply.” I know nothing about Skins, but very much like the synopsis for Órói.
  • ユンカース・カム・ヒア (Yunkāsu Kamu Hia/Junkers Come Here, Japan, 1994) – An oldie perhaps, but Theowne’s review over at Omohide got me interested. Or maybe it’s just that Theowne’s taste in films frequently overlaps with mine, so if he says it’s worth watching, I will always take his word for it. Plus, he has a hunch for digging out old, long-forgotten gems. 🙂
  •  共有してください (Chanto tsutaeru/Be Sure To Share, Japan, 2009) – Sono Sion’s follow-up film after 愛のむきだし (Ai no mukidashi/Love Exposure, 2008)I actually still haven’t watched anything by Sono (Ai no mukidashi is sitting in my pile of DVDs-to-watch, the ticket for the ヒミズ/Himizu screening at the Terracotta Film Festival is in my wallet) and although I don’t think I would enjoy everyone of his works, this one I very much want to give a try – also thanks to Miguel Douglas over at iSugoi, who always reviews interesting films.

As always, stay tuned for more trailer highlights next week – I might go for a longer Trailer Weekly then to make up for the shortish one today.