ギョ (Gyo)

The Terracotta Film Festival has just added three films to its line-up, which seem to be part of their “Terrorcotta” (love the wordplay!) special planned for Friday the 13th.

  • ギョ (Gyo/Gyo, Japan, 2012) – An animated feature based on Itō Junji’s horror manga of the same name. It’s too bad I can’t stomach (or sleep after watching) horror/terror, because I kinda like the drawing style for the characters of this animated film. If I google more images, unfortunately I can already see the nightmares coming… but I am sure some of you can handle this sort of stuff.

The other two features for horror film fans:

  • 棄城 (Qì chéng/ Zombie 108 – Z-108, Taiwan, 2012)
  • 呪怨 (Juon/The Grudge, Japan, 2003)

As for getting tickets: booking still hasn’t opened. I haven’t stopped checking, dropping by both the Terracotta and the Prince Charles Cinema websites several times a day. I will post an update once tickets can be booked (after get mine of course :-D).