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It’s one of those grey, uninspiring, semi-wintery days in London that make you just want to curl up in bed with hot chocolate and a good movie. I did watch 나무없는 산 (Namooeobsneun San/Treeless Mountain, Korea, 2008) earlier (with a review to follow next week), but had no hot chocolate unfortunately. I can’t quite convince myself to brave the on-and-off rain for a treat at the local café, so I’m moping around the house instead. Lazy Saturday afternoon…

But, moving on, let’s get to our weekly trailers! All Asia today. 🙂

    • Gelecek Uzun Sürer (Future Lasts Forever, Turkey, 2011) – I love the opening of this trailer – the shot, the sounds, the music and then the galloping horse. It’s somehow immensely beautiful and poetic, and we are only seconds into the trailer. I can’t wait to see it. The good news (for London readers): it’s set to screen at Cineworld in Wood Green next week.
    • 두 번째 사랑 (Doo Beonjjae Sarang/Never Forever, South Korea/US, 2008) – Stars Vera Farmiga as a woman who begins an affair with an illegal immigrant (Ha Jeong-woo) to become pregnant as her own American-Korean husband is unable to father a child. This is going to be a super-heartwrenching one.
    • 열여덟,열아홉 (Yeolyeodeolb, Yeolahob/Eighteen and Nineteen, South Korea, 2012) – To be released in Korea next month, Yeolyeodeolb, Yeolahob is about fraternal twins Hoya and Seoya who “are going through their last winter before becoming adults”. All the synopses I have found hint at a “youth scandal”, but nothing further is revealed. The vibe I get from the trailer is that it might be something along the lines of the Japanese, manga-based 僕は妹に恋をする (Boku wa imouto ni koi wo suru/My Sister, My Love, 2007)…
    • 饮食男女2 (Eat Drink Man Woman II / Joyful Reunion, Taiwan, 2012) – It’s the sequel to Ang Lee’s 飲食男女 (Eat Drink Man Woman, Taiwan, 1994)!!! Yes, I’m excited. Reuniting the original cast, the two daughters help their elderly father keep his vegetarian restaurant open. From the looks of the trailer, I will have to follow this one up with a meal out in Chinatown (and a long overdue trip to Taiwan?). Release date: March 23 for Taiwan, rest of the world unknown. The film did already screen at the Berlinale (just last week in fact), I will keep a lookout for it on the UK film festival circuit. Meanwhile, if you haven’t seen the first part, watch it! REVIEW added: 2013-11-17.
    • にくめ、ハレルヤ (Nikume, Hareruya/Hate, Hallelujah, Japan, 2010) – This film is very much undercover and not much is available about it on the web, at least not in English. The synopsis I did find: “Jun Usaka plays a young man named Hirota who lost both his parents in the [Great Hanshin] earthquake 10 years earlier. He moved into his uncle’s house along with his grandmother and, over time, his memories of the earthquake began to fade entirely. However, he’s forced to face those memories again when his grandmother, now suffering from dementia, tells him he had a younger sister named Saki. In a confused state, Hirota goes downtown and happens to meet a young girl named Saki (Nanami Fujimoto) whom he comes to believe is his long-lost sister.” It looks very bleak and other than this one synopsis I have few concrete details about the film, so it might be no good at all. But both the poster and trailer somehow call out to me.
    • 老狗 (Khyi rgan/Old Dog, Tibet, 2011) – No trailer for this one, but I wanted to include it anyway. I noticed this on the programme of the awesome Borderlines Film Festival, and it screened at the BFI Film Festival last year too. The story: a father and son are at odds about the family’s old dog, which the latter ends up selling. It’s a “direct, deeply authentic tale of life in Tibet that is both humorous and heart-breaking”. Unless you are in Hereford on March 1 or 3, there is no knowing where this will screen, but jot it down on your to-watch list in case you ever accidentally come across it!

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