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The Tricycle had its first International Film Season in 2011, screening a selection of submissions for the “Best Foreign Language Film Award” of the Academy Awards. This year the festival takes place between February 14 to February 23, 2012 and will showcase 18 films from around the world. (The official Oscar nominations for the category will be announced next Tuesday, January 24, by the way.)

The offerings at The Tricycle:

Switzerland: Giochi d’estate (Summer Games) + Q&A
Germany: Pina
Israel: הערת שוליים‎‎ (Hearat Shulayim/Footnote)
Mexico: Miss Bala
Sweden: Svinalängorna (Beyond)
Lithuania: Kai apkabinsiu tave (Back to Your Arms) + Q&A
Uruguay: La Casa Muda (The Silent House)
Albania: Bir zamanlar Anadolu’da (Once upon a Time in Anatolia)
Iran: جدایی نادر از سیمین (Jodái-e Náder az Simin/A Separation)
Romania: Morgen + Q&A
Ireland: As If I Am Not There
Singapore: Tatsumi
Venezuela: El rumor de las piedras (The Rumble of Stones)
Argentina: Aballayel hombre sin miedo (Aballay)
Greece: Attenberg
Serbia: Montevideo, bog te video: Prica prva (Montevideo, Taste of a Dream)
South Africa: Skoonheid (Beauty)
Austria: Atmen (Breathing)

The programme is a bit European-heavy (10 films from the old continent), but at least it includes countries whose cinema many people are not familiar with (Have you ever watched a Lithuanian film? I certainly haven’t.). I’m kind of happy to see Tatsumi on the list too.

Full details are available here. Other than concessions and cheaper weekday matinees, The Tricyle has a special multi-buy deal available: 25% off if buying tickets for more than four films.

Hearat Shulayim, Pina, Skoonheid, Giochi d’estate, and Atmen are on top of my list (in that order), but I’m not yet sure if I’ll go to see any. I am already planning to watch 3, maybe 4, of the Japan Foundation’s Touring Film Programme Contemporary Japanese Auteurs that month, so both schedule-wise and money-wise that makes things a bit tight. Maybe. I might just be tempted.

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