Loads of interesting films coming up at the ICA (London) in January and February:

OSS 117 Films: Le Caire bid d’espions and Rio ne répond plus (directed by Michel Hazanavicius)
When: January 6-12, 2012 

Michel Hazanavicius, the director of L’artiste (The Artist) – the film that is currently creating a lot buzz at film festivals -, will have two of his films screened at the ICA in early January: both OSS 117: Le Caire bid d’espions (OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies, France, 2006) and OSS 117: Rio ne répond plus (OSS 117: Lost in Rio, France, 2009), described as “perhaps best of many spoof spy films”, are on the programme for nearly a week.


A Japanese Classic: にっぽん昆虫記 (Nippon konchūki/The Insect Woman)
When: February 3-9, 2012 

The ICA will also be showing a newly restored digital print of Imamura Shohei’s 1963 film にっぽん昆虫記 (Nippon konchūki/The Insect Woman). It’s “[l]aced with an acerbic wit, and a cynicism towards traditional Japan” and “a key title in Imamura’s oeuvre which rocked Japan eventually winning 14 Japanese film awards. Unmissable.”


The Japan Foundation’s Touring Film Programme: Whose Film Is It Anyway?
When: February 10-16, 2012 

Whose Film Is It Anyway? Contemporary Japanese Auteurs will have its London stop at the ICA in the second week of February. The “Touring Film Programme” has been organised by The Japan Foundation since 2004 and “showcases directors and works which, while being worthwhile, may have slipped under the radar of other film festivals or programmes”. Films (with a number of Q&A sessions included!) on the programme this year:

  • 不灯港 (Futoukou/The Dark Harbour, 2009)
  • ネムリユスリカ (Nemuri Yusurika/Sleep, 2011) – I mentioned this one in the Trailer Weekly #13 recently.
  • それでもボクはやってない (Soredemo boku wa yattenai/I Just Didn’t Do It, 2007) – Heard of this one before, so I definitely want to go see it. (Film poster is the Korean version – I liked it better.)
  • 闇打つ心臓 (Yamiutsu Shinzo/Heart, Beating in the Dark, 2005) – A follow-up to the 1982 film of the same title – made by the same director, Nagasaki Shunichi, and with the same actors (Muroi Shigeru, Naitō Takashi) reprising their roles. I’m intrigued already (although I wish they would screen both films!).
  • ディア・ドクター (Dia dokutā/Dear Doctor, 2007) – Directed by Nishikawa Miwa, a former protégée of Koreeda Hirokazu (奇跡/Kiseki/I Wish).
  • まぶだち (Mabudachi/Bad Company, 2001)
  • ぐるりのこと。(Gururi no Koto/All Around Us, 2008) – Sounds heart wrenching, but another one I want to see.
  • おとうと (Ototo/About Her Brother, 2010)
  • 運命じゃない人 (Unmei janai hito/A Stranger of Mine, 2005)

Many thanks to Toshiyuki for alerting me to the Touring Film Programme!