(Image from hancinema.net article)

Hancinema has published Orion’s second (and final) article on the The Dark Side of Korean Drama. (If you missed part 1, which I mentioned in the Trailer Weekly #12 post, you can find it here.)

The articles certainly raise a number of challenging issues, many specific to the often rather bizarre world of Korean dramas, others which I think we can reflect on ‘internationally’ – in particular in terms of how the media shapes unreasonable demands and we, as media consumers, buy into this. Plenty of food for thought in any case.

While we are on the topic of ‘issues’, Korea.net‘s article on 2011’s Breakout Films that “brought attention to the individuals and issues that have otherwise remained unaddressed, underrepresented, or simply unexplored” merits mention as well. These issues don’t pertain to the film and drama industry itself, but taboo topics in (Korean) society more generally. I have mentioned some of the films spotlighted previously – 도가니 (Do-ga-ni/The Crucible), 완득이 (Wan-deuk-i/Punch) -, but the others – 혜화,동(童) (Hye-hwa, Dong/Re-encounter), 파수꾼 (Pa-soo-ggoon/Bleak Night) and 무산일기 (Moo-san-il-gi/The Journals of Musan) – are noteworthy as well and certainly on my to-watch (and to-review) list.

Kind of randomly – but I love the Bleak Night poster. There is just something in it (and in all the film stills, with an equally bleak tonal range, that I have seen) that captivates me.