Apologies, I’m a day late here – have been having internet problems. Initially few films caught my attention this week (I hope the film posters are showing – because they don’t want to load for me!). There were plenty of new trailers at Apple or Traileraddict, but none for films that I really, really wanted to see. But there are several Korean film trailers I was thinking of including for a while already, plus a couple of new, Japanese finds.

  • 오싹한 연애 (O-ssak-han Yeon-ae/Chilling Romance aka Spellbound –  trailer not subtitled, 2011) – This opened in Korea on December 1st. I am under no illusion that this will be some sort of amazing, life-changing film, but it just looks sort of cute and fun (and ghostly). Guilty pleasures of that sort are allowed sometimes. 🙂
  • 완득이 (Wandeuk/Punch, 2011) – I have been meaning to link the trailer for Punch for a while. It’s been in Korean cinemas since October (and doing well) and was recently invited to the Berlin Film Festival, which will take place in February 2012.
  • London River (UK, 2009) – An ‘oldie’ that already had its run in UK cinemas but opened in the US just now. Covers the 7/7 bombings in London and includes some excellent actors.
  • 파파 (Pa-pa/Papa, 2011) – Teaser trailer, not subtitled. A Korean film but an ethnically mixed cast. Not something you see that often, which is why I bookmarked it.
  • I am also looking forward to Kim Soo-hyun’s first film, 도둑들 (Do-dook-deul/The Thieves), which is set for release in South Korea at the end of this month. No trailer (or official poster) is available yet. (ありがとう to himonogirl for alerting me to this film.)
    Also: Kim Soo-hyun’s latest drama, 해를 품은 달 (Hae-leul Poom-eun Dal/The Sun and the Moon aka The Moon that Embraces the Sun) will start screening January 4, 2012. It’s a fantasy sageuk, that is, a historical Korean drama.
  • セイジー陸の魚― (Seiji – Riku no Uo/Fish on Land, Japan, 2012) – Scroll down for (not subtitled) trailer. The title got me first. The male lead got me second (A captivating face! Not classically beautiful, but the kind that’s really unique.). And, to top it of, the cinematography and mood of the trailer are enticing as well.
  • 天使突抜六丁目 (Tentsuki, Japan, 2011 – trailer not subtitled) – This could go either way, but there are images in the trailer that hint at the kind of filmmaking and cinematography I enjoy.
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