A mix of new and old this week, from the world over:

  • コクリコ坂から (Kokuriko-zaka Kara/From up on Poppy Hill, Japan, 2011) – Inofficial trailer (not subtitled) for the most recent Studio Ghibli production. This has been in Japanese cinemas since July, so I am not sure why no official trailer is available (though there is an official teaser trailer). UPDATE 27/4/2012: Review added on Otherwhere.
  • 파주 (Pa-joo/Paju, Korea, 2009) – Scroll down for the trailer (not subtitled) on the linked website. This film caught my eye while browsing.
  • The Year of the Fish (USA, 2008, dir. by David Kaplan). My friend G. alerted me to this film and I’m hoping to watch it soon. Curiously animated through rotoscoping – bizarre really, but I’m sure once you immerse yourself in the film, it’s fine. Bonus link: You can watch Kaplan’s 20-minute short Play (2010) here. Thought-provoking. Kaplan is clearly a director with his own, idiosyncratic style and agenda – but I like it.
  • Oslo, 31. august (Oslo, August 31st, Norway, 2011, dir. by Joachim Trier) was part of the 55th BFI Film Festival line-up and is now out in a few, select London cinemas. The trailer for the film vaguely reminded me of another Norwegian production I saw a few years ago, Reprise (2006). Lo and behold, after googling it, I realised that that film was directed by Trier as well and also had Anders Danielsen Lie as the lead.