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    • Tatsumi (Singapore/Japan, 2011) – directed by Eric Khoo. Synopsis: “[A] gorgeous grown-up animated love letter to Manga legend Tatsumi Yoshihiro. Khoo has adapted Tatsumi’s autobiography A Drifting Life, closely collaborating with the author who provides his own voice-over, and intercuts him with a series of beautifully animated, perfectly formed short stories from Tatsumi’s hugely influential and ground-breaking work.”
      Tatsumi is Singapore’s official submission for the foreign language category of the 84th Academy Awards. The BFI will have a one-off screening of Tatsumi on November 27. If you can’t make that date, the ICA will also be showing the film for two weeks in January 2012.
    • Life in a Day (World, 2011) – Not just a trailer, but you can watch the whole film on YouTube now. Life in a Day is a product of our times – something that has come out of the changes we have seen in the world over the past decade or so and may well become a new text genre one day. In the words of the ‘film assemblers’:

  • 東京公園 (Tōkyō Kōen/Tokyo Park) screened in Japanese cinemas already a while ago, but something of its trailer (especially the shots of the park) remind me Michelangelo Antonioni’s Blow-up.

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