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Only a few trailers this week:

My Week with Marilyn – I am not especially interested in this film, simply because I have no particular interest in the subject. If I do end up watching it at some point, it will be for Michelle Williams’s performance.

There are still no details available on the schedule for the 2nd London Iranian Film Festival, except that Esmaeil Mihandoost’s برخورد خیلی نزدیک (Barkhorde Kheili Nazdik/A Very Close Encounter, 2009) (trailer not subtitled) will be screening, followed by a Q&A. There will also be a related exhibition.

In South Korea, meanwhile, 너는 펫 (Neoneun Pet/You’re My Pet) will finally have its general release on November 10th. Will it be as good as the 2003 きみはペット/Kimi wa petto? We will have to wait and see – but I am glad the Korean adaptation of the original Kimi wa petto manga is a film, as it will be less tempting to make comparisons with the dorama that way. Kim Haneul and Jang Geun Seok are promising leads, but give off a different vibe from Koyuki and Matsumoto Jun, who of course made a wonderful Sumire/Momo pairing and provided us with plenty of memorable scenes. On a side note, the Korean Men’s Association is seeking an injunction against the film, objecting to the premise of ‘male taken in as a pet dog by female’. I imagine when 절대그이 (Jeoldaegeui/Absolute Boyfriend) – the planned Korean remake of 絶対彼氏。/Zettai Kareshi, a production based on yet another Japanese manga with an equally quirky premise (‘perfect male robot taken in by female’) – is released, we will have to expect another petition?