• Medianeras (Sidewalls, Argentina, 2011) – Gustavo Taretto’s first feature length film is a love story set in the urban jungle of Buenos Aires. I love the Where Is Waldo?-themed film poster (see gallery below).

Some more interesting looking films from the BFI Film Festival:

  • 桃姐 (Tao Jie/A Simple Life, Hong Kong, 2011) – This looks fabulous, but like a real tearjerker. Directed by Ann Hui. UPDATED 4/7/12: Review added on Otherwhere.
  • El alma de las moscas (The Soul of Flies, Spain, 2011) – Plus a link to the film’s official website (en español and in English).
  • নৌকাডুবি (Noukadubi/Boat Wreck, India, 2011) – Adapted from Rabindranath Tagore’s novel of the same title, which is enough to get me interested. Trailer is not subtitled.

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